Saturday 9 May 2009

Rihanna Fierce.......

I am a big celebrity watcher, and I have notice a hugee change in d style of lil Miss rihanna. Esp since the whole Chris brown fiasco, she has come harddd on d outfits, and everytime shes photographed she looks hot hot hot!

Heres a remider of what miss riri used to look like......

Now dt she has vexxed oh, shes lookin more like......

I loveeee ds one

Now alot of dese outfits are a bit risque to say d least bt u cant deny dt fact that shes looking increadibly stylish.The hair, the makeup, the sexy scowl, everything just works! So I guess the question is what is it about getting dumped/breaking up/being single dat makes ladies just vexxx and decide to take it out on thier looks?? Could it be to make him jealous or to let the world know you are doing better without them or to attract other people?? What do you think and whats the craziest thing you've done after becoming single??
Miss B,


  1. naija daydreamer does therapy as well? ok so since this is a safe space....

    There was this guy and i was crazy about him. The key word being "crazy". He said after a while that friendship is much cooler, that way he'll never lose me.....(insert other bullshit). I, on the other hand had already named our kids. 3 (two girls and a boy) but as a naija babe i said "me too. been thinking the same thing." We no de carry last now.
    A litre of ice cream later, i decided to see wat he was up to, so i went to his place then looked in the window, for a while.....
    The next morning i walked a few steps behind him all day...u knw just to make sure he wasn't missing me that much
    back to his window that night.
    It took an intervention to stop my guardian angel mentality AKA stalking.
    My advice to everyone is that if u don't get wat u were hoping for out of a relationship DON'T take it like a grown-up. Scream, Swear and Sob to your hearts content. Let it all out.
    P.S- if this is ever reproduced to my future husband i will deny it wholeheartedly.

  2. okkkkk, lil missss STALKERRR, dere goes all ur future relationships out the window....the point is dt after a break-up, especially after a serious relationship, most babezz vexx, sometimes in a good way and others in stalkersih way, we shld all b like riri n stay FIERCE!!

  3. Hmm.. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one..

    Riri changed her stylist after her first album.. That was when she cut her hair and switched her style up..

    She'd been looking fierce way before the thing with Chris Breezy happened..

    Now if you say her leaked nude pictures are as a result of the breakup then I wont argue.. :-D

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