Sunday 26 August 2012

End of an Era!

Law School is finally over! When I decided to finally get it over with, I questioned myself a thousand times over, wondering if I made the right decision. But to say it flew by is really an understatement.

Law school exams really are worth the hype! Shit is cray! The difficulty actually stems from the sheer volume of the topics you have to learn in minute detail! Cevil Litigation was the worst! Well actually Corporate is no walk in the park either. To be honest they are all challenging in their own way! I have a month of patiently sitting at the edge of my seat for the results!

Like I have said a million times the best thing about law school are the people. Beautiful, smart and intelligent people. I do not normally like lawyers but hey we are not a bad bunch! Although a simple matter about who gets the last slice can lead to arguing sections of the constitution! And do not even get me started about how bad we are with numbers! Me and Yinka once debated if one tenth is more than 10%!

Now that its over, I actually miss it. Took a bunch of pics so enjoy

Miss B