Saturday 23 April 2011

Music Fridays

Hi blogsville,
I have some good news which I cannot wait to share with you all! Just waiting for all the bits to get tidied up before I download the gist. Hope you all had a good week. I have enjoyed the bank holiday so far. I went to waterworld yesterday with my friends. Its an indoor water park in Stoke-on-trent. I have been twice now and I still cannot swim. The next time I go I promise myself I will have learnt how to swim! We all had an amazing time though.

I am also hoping to go to the royal wedding parade next week in London. If I do, I will post some pictures and get Prince Harry to realize that I am the princess that he has been looking for!!

Due to the success of last week, I have two tracks for you. The first is called Mwah Mwah (Kiss Kiss) by Bracket. This song is so silly but extremely catchy. I think Bracket have cemented their genre with this song as professional wedding singers!

The second is by Sound Sultan who I am becoming more of a fan of day by day. This song is called Orobo and is also hilarious. It promotes a good message of loving all sizes of women. My favorite line is towards the end when he says "orobo fit turn to lepa and lepa fit turn to orobo so you can never know, meanwhile enjoy your current posture". I could not have said it better.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and Easter Break.

Miss B.

Friday 15 April 2011

Music Fridays

Hey blogsville,
I know my blogging has been abit adhoc lately but I promise you its about to get a whole lot more interesting. Thank God it is Friday again and thank God for another week. Since I missed last week I have a two songs for you.

The first is Share my Blessings by Naeto C ft Asa. I have had Naeto's album on repeat for the past couple of weeks and I would suggest you all cop it. It is quality stuff but this is my favorite song on it followed by 10 over 10.

The second is one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a while. For those that don't know Adele you need to google her because she is simply awesome. This song has such deep lyrics and perfectly describes the hurt of break up that most of us have felt/will feel at some point in our lives. I challenge you not to fall in love with this song.

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss B

Saturday 2 April 2011

Music Fridays

I listen to a little bit of everything but I don't generally listen to reggae and bashment music. Unfortunately this is what my brother mostly listens to so I have been forced to adapt. He has gotten me hooked on this song which has the most catchy chorus since "oh na na what's my name"!

Its Called 'Fucking with my heart' by Wayne Marshall. The title is quite self explanatory. I don't know much about the artist but like I said this isn't really my specialty genre! You are guaranteed to love it though!

Enjoy your weekend!
Miss B!