Thursday 5 January 2012

Fuel Subsidy and Nigeria!

Hello blog world,
Happy New Year! May 2012 bring us all we hope to achieve! Unfortunately for those of us in Nigeria 2012 is already looking pretty messed up! As I am sure almost everyone knows we had a series of bombings on Christmas day in Niger, Jos, Sapele and ethnic clashes in Ebonyi. As we were all reeling from this, Goodluck decided to give us a great New Years Gift by removing fuel subsidy on January 1st without any warning, effectively more than doubling the price of fuel. Let's not forget that Boko Haram has given all Southerners 3 days to move out of the North! It's been a very eventful holiday period!

However I have to commend the movement that has been going on online, especially on twitter ( follow me on @naijadaydreamer). I know some people have been complaining that there is no point of a twitter activist who is not willing to go out to protest, but I disagree. The fact that we everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about it means that Nigerians, especially the Nigerian youths, actually care about this country and want us to be great. I am now convinced that majority of us actually want a change!

This is why I would like to urge everyone to come out and protest. This is one thing that Nigerians are actually united on and it feels amazing. I know we are all scared that it will get violent and a protester has already been killed in Ilorin. Those in Abuja have been teargassed and over 60 protesters in Kano were arrested but released this morning.

But I promise you, it is much more dangerous to be silent. How can we have a government that has no ounce of sympathy for it's people! Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to post pictures but if you look at the pictures on Linda Ikeji of the Federal Executive Council emergency meeting to discuss the Subsidy, you will know that those people don't have Nigeria's interest at heart. What the he'll are they all laughing about when we have a total breakdown of the country unlike we have seen in a long time? Have you seen the British parliament in session discussing a crisis all laughing like it's a comedy club? It's a total and complete pisstake!

In kaduna we went to sign a register to protest in Murtala square and we were told by police to leave. The protests have been organized for tomorrow i.e Friday but we are now being told we need to apply for permission 3 days before to protest. No matter what the obstacles are we simply cannot be quite anymore. For those that can't protest please write, blog, tweet, Facebook, and speak up about your dissatisfaction.

Enough is Enough!

Miss B