Sunday 24 January 2010

The Questions.......

Heyy blogsville,

I'm sorry I've been m.i.a, but its been manic in my world. January has been a good month for me, because firstly I graduated!!! Wohoo, Miss B now has a masters in Law!

Secondly, it was my birthday on the 23rd and I turned 22!! I had an amazing day and thanked God for his many blessings in my life. I had a house party, which was loads of fun, but very very dramatic!

So I got a number of random questions, and chose the most interesting ones to answer.

Who is S.B?
S.B is the author of the Cash and Credit stories which we all love. She is my alter ego, the hand to my brain, she puts my thoughts on paper and we are in sync.

Who is Kunzai?
Kunzai is a "friend" of mine that I met on a night out. I was with my friend having a great time, and towards of the end of the night a guy friend of mine came over and said he was having an after party at his house. I did not know this guy well enough but my friend insisted so I went over. Next thing kunzai comes along trying to offer me drinks n make general chitchat. I don't normally open up to strangers but this dude was so charming, and easy to talk to! He was also funny, sarcastic, witty but RUDE! We chatted till like 7 in the morning, and then he dropped me off home. He moved back to Nigeria later that day, and I have not seen him since. But we are still in touch and I always wonder what could have been......

What's your take on pre-marital sex? Is kissing an invitation for trouble for people who don't want sex in a relationship?
My take on this is like my take on most other things in life- "do you". I do not really have a view on it, i.e i dont feel I have a right to say if its right or wrong. Like with everything, its about doing what makes you feel happy and what you morally agree with. I do not really see anything wrong with pre-material sex as long as you both want it and use protection!
And the second one is silly because kissing is definitely NOT an invitation for sex. Kissing is innocent, and very important, because if you get serious with someone then you will kiss them everyday and it is very important that you enjoy both it!

Who wud u rather fall for a bad boy or a nice guy and give reasons supporting ur choice?
I think this has a rather obvious answer. Most girls would say a good boy, but the truth is that good guys are kinda dull! I would personally always pick a good guy because I just don't do drama. I hate confrontation, fights and feeling insecure. I have had the fortune or should I say misfortune of dating both, and I can safely say I am not going down the bad boy route again. Sure, the nice gifts and expensive trips and popularity is bonz at the beginning but its way more trouble than its worth!

Do you believe a relationship can work without sex?
YES! Infact I think its works better because sex takes the relationship one step further and adds a huge complication to already complex issues. Once you've had sex with someone, especially for girls, you will always have a unique relationship with them and it makes you more inclined to do stupid things!

What are the main qualities you look for in a guy?
Physically- tall dark, handsome and with a 6 pack, nice arms and broad shoulders!
But as a person, I can list all the normal stuff like honest, smart, funny etc but for me, when I see someone I like, I just Know. People don't tend to grow on me, when I meet you, in 5 mins I can usually tell if I could fall for you or not.
One thing I do need is love and appreciation for music. I'm not sure I could be with someone that does not love music as much as I do!

Where would you rather live, abroad or in Nigeria?
I used to be adamant that I would always go back to Nigeria but now I'm not so certain. I probably will, but the question is of timing, it could be this year or in 5 years. Nigeria is a very sick country atm, and sometimes I get very frustrated at our wasted potential, but at the end of the day, as long as I refer to it as home and my passport is still green I will go back.

What is your view on District 9?
I loved it. One of my fave movie of last year, it uses a sci-fi plot to tell a much bigger story of a real social problem, i.e superiority of race, which is a huge problem in South Africa. Sure the thing about Nigerians was a bit vulgar, and I thought naming the head Obasanjo was a tasteless and unnecessary, but I think we are missing the bigger picture.
I completely disagree with banning the movie in Nigeria or any other movies to be honest. I believe in completely freedom of speech, and allowing people to make up their own minds. It is a show of cowardice to ban any form of media in a civilised country, but then again can Nigeria really be classed as civilised?

What is the one thing you could you not live without?
My family
My friends
Meeting new people
and Love
Yes I know it is more than one!

Are there going to be any more stories like C and C?
As long you lot keep reading, there will be more stories to come! I actually have alot of ideas and one is cooking at the moment. Might even make it interactive like Myne, just let me know what y'all want.....your wish is my command!

Miss B

Tuesday 19 January 2010

MY 100TH POST.......and THANK YOUs......


I am so excited cause I really did not believe I could write 100 posts. One of my biggest flaws is that I am a quitter, inconsistent and get bored really easily. I was scared that blogging would be one of those things I would start but never finish(eg fencing, swimming, yoga, pilates, French to name a few). I love experimenting with new things, but I never follow through. It is actually my new years resolution, that and saving money!

Blogsville has become a 2nd home to me, I have met loads of amazing and talented people, learnt so many new things, enjoyed many debates and even inspired a couple of my friends to start their own blogs. I love it!
I am paticularly grateful to some bloggers who have been consistent followers, commentators and friends. They also happen to be my fave blogs that I follow! Sorry y'all if I dont comment, I'm usually lazy, and dont check constantly. Trust me I've read all your posts!

Myne Whitman, one of my most consistent followers, and a very talented writer. I have an interview with her coming soon!
Scribbles, a truly funny, down to earth guy that has become a good friend and male relationship advisor!
Sweetness, one my old friends from sec. school, and as sweet and innocent as her name, with an overactive imagination!
Juiceegal, one of the most popular bloggers and a twitter addict!
Azazel one of the most consistent and intentionally controversial bloggers, very smart and cool dude
Sugabelly, speaks for itself
Leggy, a captivating writer, I never skim read her posts as impatient as I am, its that good!

I really miss Afrobabe,
RocNaija-OMG am such a roc groupie I would get a tattoo of roc! he embodied everything a blog should be, funny, creative, extremely sexy and leaving you wondering where the truth ends and fiction begins. When I started he was a regular commentator and I loved the way he showcased the writings of new bloggers! Please come back!
Babaalaye- Classic Naija blog oh, one of the 1st blogs that wrote in broken english and was completely unpretentious! Such a funny writer with loads of wit and sarcasm!
Mr FineBoy-Classic. He was gone before I started blogging but I have read all his archived posts. With classic posts like this, how can he ever be replaced?

I wonder when I am gone if u guys will miss me like this..........mmmmm..........?????

I have to say a big THANK YOU to my alter-ego S.B. She is the co-author of the infamous Cash or Credit series (which got published on BellaNaija last year) and one of best friends. She's my critic, editor, listening ear, and most of all advisor. Thank you for your patience when I am being a pain the ass. I love you boo.

Who knows, we just might have another series brewing up to be served to y'all.........what do you think??

Thank you to Miss L.C, my naij gist blogger. More posts from her are coming this year.Thank you for encouraging me to blog, even when I didn't want to.

To all my other anonymous readers, supporters, cheerleaders and dare I say it "fans", too many to mention, thank you all so much. Your encouragement has turned blogging into more than a hobby for me, because I am re-considering a career in journalism. Please keep the love coming. 2010 promises to hold even greater things in store.

I was going to answer questions that y'all have but I am NOT happy with the questions u guys have sent oh, so I am giving y'all another opportunity! Come Hard guys! Don't disappoint me biko! Snd to


Miss B

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Is Covenant a University or a Primary School?

I just saw the above on a post my friend did on F.B. I have alot of friends from Covenant university, and I am sure they do a fine job in the education department. But it is supposed to be a UNIVERSITY for God's sake, an institution of higher learning, not a freaking 10year old primary school. Like what the hell???
Now I understand that it is meant to be a uni with a religious affiliation, but what is caging curious and hormonally charged adolescents in, not having phones, not talking to boys and taking hiv tests before graduation have to do with education?
The truth which they seem so painfully in denial of, is that if people want to be good they will be, same way if they want to be bad, all the restrictions in the world will not stop them.
One of the most important aspects of university is growing up, getting independent, learning how to cope in the adult world, meeting new people, trying new things, experimenting with alcohol, drugs and all the vices in the world so you can discover who you are as an individual. Uni days have been the most exciting part of my life, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
None of my cov uni graduates share this sentiment, they all could not wait to leave, and hate re-living the experience.
When they leave the uni, they will still do all these supposed "bad" things so what are they really achieving? Right now, probably the award for the most expulsions in the world.

All these "rules" just promote hypocrisy in an already all to hypocritical society. And if there's anything I hate its hypocrisy, especially religious hypocrisy. I thank God for having liberal parents, who showed me that being religious and being a good person are two completely different things, and the latter is far more important.
Unfortunately, if Nigeria's university weren't so fucked up, we wouldn't have to deal with all this crap. At the rate things are going, in 50 years, everyone who can afford it will go to a private university, just like secondary school, cause they are springing up everywhere.
And if this is the bull they are feeding them, safe to say my kids will be schooling in Ghana.

Miss B

Just 1 more post till my 100th! Woohooo! Am sure u knw d drill by now!

Banning Islam4UK is the Wrong Move.....

I read the article below on Yahoo politics, and I completely agree with everything he says.
For those that don't know the story, Islam4UK is a political/religious group that planned to march in Luton during a procession bringing the dead bodies of Iraqi/Afghanistan soldiers. It was meant to raise awareness about the fact that for every one British soldier that dies, a thousand Iraqi men, women and children loose thier lives in this pointless war. Now while I disagree with the manner they wanted to go about it, I feel this message desperately needs to be passed across to regular Brits. Its a farce that they are choosing to kill thier own young soldiers but seem to be oblivious to the helpless Iraqi civilians that are being slaughtered on a daily.
The group have now be banned for "the glorification of terrorism", making it a criminal offence punishable by 10 years to be a member. Its a sad day for civil liberties.

"By Mathew West
Protestors prosecuted for their slogans, a minority group banned and a trial without jury: whatever happened to British justice?

I've always wondered when people say they've had enough of the UK where they would go and why they think things in any other country would be better. Mostly because I have generally held the belief that the grass really isn't greener elsewhere and that actually we've generally got it quite good here.
But as the years have gone by I've been sorely tempted to utter the immortal words: "Right that's it. I'm emigrating. This country is going to hell in a hand basket!"I haven't quite done so. Yet.
But I came close yesterday. I think, when I am older, I will honestly remember it as the day Britain really did go to the dogs. It marked the day when we all lost a little more freedom. Not only has a fairly minor political/religious group - which would have probably disappeared into obscurity had the media let it - been banned by the government but we also had the start of the first trial without a jury in 350 years.
Neither action makes me feel like I live in a safer country. Neither makes me feel I live in a free country. Both things make me feel paranoid, fearful for the future and concerned that we are slipping into totalitarianism.
The home secretary's actions yesterday morning were nothing more than populist nonsense designed to garner a few positive headlines. It's always best when doing this to pick on the weakest and most vulnerable in society so in some respects Islam4UK must have been expecting it. I used to think knee jerk reactions like this were just the government responding to the hysteria that had built up around a particular issue but I've long since given up on that belief. I now realise most of it is about positive spin and let's face it, the government and Labour have been a little short of that over the last week or so. Islam4UK said they had made their point but they also made themselves easy prey.
The planned demonstration in Wootton Bassett caused outrage for lots of reasons and such a deliberately provocative protest could only have ended badly. One can almost imagine the scene as the English Defence League turn up to "protect" the townsfolk while no doubt ensuring a riot. After all, they're nice and reliable like that.
But having cancelled the protest and decided they had made their point why make Islam4UK illegal and membership punishable by ten years in prison? As usual the home secretary trots out some line about how the group concerned is involved in terrorist activity. As usual he can't tell us what that activity is or which terrorists the group is linked to. As usual we are expected to simply accept that he is doing this in our interests. As usual the general population continues on it's merry little way unaware of the stranglehold the government is taking on the reigns of power as more freedoms are eroded until we live only to work, keep our heads down and try not to upset those around us or say the wrong thing in case they grass us up to the secret police.
Told you I was feeling paranoid.
If Islam4UK can be banned, why not the English Defence League?
The English Defence League has organised demonstrations outside mosques and in towns with large immigrant communities in deliberately provocative displays of racial and religious hatred. Why not ban an organisation whose demonstrations' sole purpose is to intimidate whole sections of a local community? Those demonstrations are intended to prove the dominance of one section of society over another through menaces and the threat of violence. Why hasn't Alan Johnson banned them as well? Surely he has overwhelming proof?
Meanwhile, I know I fall into the category of lunatic for bringing up Voltaire but I really do fall into the camp where I may not agree with everything a person says but I will defend to the death their right to say it. I really would die for free speech. It's one of my few - and I mean few - absolute principles. Pretty much everything else is up for negotiation. If you think you can change my mind on a subject you're welcome to give it a try. But free speech isn't up for negotiation.
And Islam4UK have every right to protest about the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have every right to raise awareness of the thousands upon thousands of people who have died simply because of Western involvement in their country.
Thousands. Thousands of innocent men, women and children. In the case of Iraq almost one million people since the west invaded. Compared to a few hundred Britons. Surely we should be aware of the deaths in Afghanistan or are we saying an Afghan's or an Iraqi's life is worth less than someone from the UK?
Protestors have the right to call soldiers murderers, rapists and baby killers if they want to. Just as the men who were convicted in Luton of public order offences yesterday did. That doesn't make what they did right. It doesn't mean it wasn't offensive to some.
But their convictions earlier in the week are not only morally repugnant, they are more than likely legally unsound.
As one of the men said in his defence, they had made the police aware they intended to make a protest; they told the police what that protest would involve and the police did not advise them not to make such a protest. It was only when the crowd became agitated that they arrested the men involved in the protest. I don't agree with the men that protested, in fact I find most of their views repugnant, but the idea that they can be convicted of a criminal offence for "insulting" the people of Luton is of more than mild concern.
I hope I never find myself in Luton. Other than the fact that it's a dump I might offend someone from there(if I haven't already) and find I am convicted of a crime. How ludicrous!
How even more ludicrous that we also saw the start yesterday of the first juryless trial in 350 years? And the pretext? It would cost too much money to try to protect the jury from the accused who might try to influence jury members presumably through either bribes or menaces.
Far more expedient to have a single judge. Except is it just me or doesn't that make it somewhat easier to bride or menace? After all, there are 12 jurors so that's 12 people you need to try to bribe or scare half to death. Get rid of the jury and there's only one person you have to get at surely? This particular case is uniquely disturbing. The men involved will almost certainly be found guilty because the government knows they are. But there have been a couple of mistrials exactly because of jury tampering so what does the Crown do? It finds a way around the problem.
Don't take my trivial tone as just that. This sort of thing angers me to my core but what's worse is the total failure of the media to bother to give more than a passing regard to these events. The population should be in uproar and it should be the press leading the charge. If not, how long will it be before you tell someone in Luton to "f**k off" only to find yourself arrested, charged with breaching the peace by upsetting a Lutonian, tried in front of a Crown Court judge without the benefit of a jury and sentenced to ten years hard labour?

Don't think that could happen? Join Islam4UK, sit back and wait. Go on I dare you."

What are your views?

Miss B

The Tiger in the Woods...

I read this article by Rueben Abati about the whole Tiger Woods fiasco and thought its time to add my 2 cents. I have read several articles from different perspectives about the issue and spoken to a number of my good friends and found that it is one of those topics that has a million and one opinions.
I have always been a Tiger fan, mostly because he always seemed humble, considering he is probably the richest sport man alive. He is not about fast money, fast life, show biz and all that foolery(my new fave word, thanks to, or at least so we all thought.....
OK so I am sure you all know the story, he cheated on his
wife with about 20 women, all of whom were white, young, and "lowly" i.e strippers, porn starts, waitresses, actresses etc below

As you can see, they are all quite similar.
Personally, I think its quite distasteful, and was quite disappointed to hear this. As usual the media played a big role in blowing it out of proportion, and the girls have made fortunes selling their stories. Its not easy to sympathise with him firstly, because of the sheer quantity of the women, but also for the manner he handled it. He told all the women he was in love with them, promising them the world and dining them. He was even said to constantly take his wife to a restaurant that one his mistresses waitressed in. Now that is just distasteful.

If a man has an affair, it is usually about the sex and the physical benefits. This can usually be forgiven by the media, but when he claims love for 20 women, then people label him a "cheat".

But for me, the worst thing about Tiger's drama was the way he re-acted when everything came to the light. He panicked like crazy, and ran into hiding. This to me is the reason that he was dropped by sponsors. I mean its common p.r knowledege that you have make a statement and confront the situation head on. There are worse things in life, I mean he was not accused of raping a minor or peeing on children.
When you panic, it is an admission of guilt and shame, and it is hard for anyone to be on your side. Even ordinary men caught in these situations will say fuck off to the world and deal with thier domestic issues.
That is why I love lil wayne. This guy has 2 women pregnant at the same time, and countless baby mamas, but could not care less what anyone says or thinks.

When you want to be a "player" then you have to learn the attitude that comes with it. The big lesson here is that looks can be deceiving, in a million years I would never would have thought this would be Tiger's story. I guess he has some unresolved issues with blondes that he needed to work out LOL!

In legal news, if she files for divorce in California, she could get up to half of his 1 billion dollar empire regardless of the pre-nup that only entitles her to 10million.
Men NA WA OH ! It is my portion!
This babe that has never swung a bat, and not done shit, gets half.
# Normally I am a feminist, but in this aspect I'm with the guys on this. Why should she get half when she aint done shit? She wasn't there for him when he was nothing as he was already a millionaire when she met him. She defo never cooked or cleaned so I would like to know the basis for this ridiculous sum.
I guess it will be based on the infidelity, emotional damages, and public humiliation etc.

Again it is my portion oh...............AMEN!

Just two more posts to my 100th post. I have gotten some interesting questions, so keep them coming to

Miss B

Monday 4 January 2010

The Reason Some girls stay single....

I just heared the funniest thing ever. I have been laughing none stop for 30 minutes. The guy obviously has some psychological issues. Enjoy

The story is this: a girl was out with friends having drinks in Toronto. This guy approaches her and won't leave her alone -saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him.
The attached is an MP3 file of not one, but TWO voicemails this guy left. This goes down in the history books - especially the second voice mail.
After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn't call him back - instead she called in to the Z103.5 morning show & had them play this on the air.
Ladies: He is out there... :)

Miss B
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