Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Tiger in the Woods...

I read this article by Rueben Abati about the whole Tiger Woods fiasco and thought its time to add my 2 cents. I have read several articles from different perspectives about the issue and spoken to a number of my good friends and found that it is one of those topics that has a million and one opinions.
I have always been a Tiger fan, mostly because he always seemed humble, considering he is probably the richest sport man alive. He is not about fast money, fast life, show biz and all that foolery(my new fave word, thanks to, or at least so we all thought.....
OK so I am sure you all know the story, he cheated on his
wife with about 20 women, all of whom were white, young, and "lowly" i.e strippers, porn starts, waitresses, actresses etc below

As you can see, they are all quite similar.
Personally, I think its quite distasteful, and was quite disappointed to hear this. As usual the media played a big role in blowing it out of proportion, and the girls have made fortunes selling their stories. Its not easy to sympathise with him firstly, because of the sheer quantity of the women, but also for the manner he handled it. He told all the women he was in love with them, promising them the world and dining them. He was even said to constantly take his wife to a restaurant that one his mistresses waitressed in. Now that is just distasteful.

If a man has an affair, it is usually about the sex and the physical benefits. This can usually be forgiven by the media, but when he claims love for 20 women, then people label him a "cheat".

But for me, the worst thing about Tiger's drama was the way he re-acted when everything came to the light. He panicked like crazy, and ran into hiding. This to me is the reason that he was dropped by sponsors. I mean its common p.r knowledege that you have make a statement and confront the situation head on. There are worse things in life, I mean he was not accused of raping a minor or peeing on children.
When you panic, it is an admission of guilt and shame, and it is hard for anyone to be on your side. Even ordinary men caught in these situations will say fuck off to the world and deal with thier domestic issues.
That is why I love lil wayne. This guy has 2 women pregnant at the same time, and countless baby mamas, but could not care less what anyone says or thinks.

When you want to be a "player" then you have to learn the attitude that comes with it. The big lesson here is that looks can be deceiving, in a million years I would never would have thought this would be Tiger's story. I guess he has some unresolved issues with blondes that he needed to work out LOL!

In legal news, if she files for divorce in California, she could get up to half of his 1 billion dollar empire regardless of the pre-nup that only entitles her to 10million.
Men NA WA OH ! It is my portion!
This babe that has never swung a bat, and not done shit, gets half.
# Normally I am a feminist, but in this aspect I'm with the guys on this. Why should she get half when she aint done shit? She wasn't there for him when he was nothing as he was already a millionaire when she met him. She defo never cooked or cleaned so I would like to know the basis for this ridiculous sum.
I guess it will be based on the infidelity, emotional damages, and public humiliation etc.

Again it is my portion oh...............AMEN!

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  1. Tiger Woods' infidelity
    Suddenly becomes reality.
    A wife obviously spurned
    By women wildly churned
    In his pot of gold,
    That now might unfold
    A half for her to hold.

    Such is the life of a celeb, eh! Those women though look really glamouras! Thank you. Take care. Bye.

  2. I def agree with you about how he handled it. At first, i thought him innocent, but seeing that he came out with an apology that says his actions hurt his family, I became convinced that something definitely went down. On that note: "It is my portion" Yes oooo. Agreed.

  3. I also felt he mishandled the thing but YAY to Cali law. She deserves it and more! LOL...Just replied you on twitter. Send me a gmail at mulan.mine

  4. The moral of this story is... I actually have no idea what the moral is. I guess it's something along the lines of DON'T FREAKIN' CHEAT!!!

  5. Please help me ask them o, why should the woman get half of what he worked his whole life for? THat's serious buffonery..

  6. @ myne I disagree with you oh, what has she done to deserve the money? I see no justification for it. I am with Azazel on this one!
    @ Fierce my dear am sure he wishes he could go back in time now lol
    @mwjim its all out portion oh!!
    @ words just checked out your blog, u r defo lyrically blessed lol

  7. guy definitely got issues and should man up and get his act far as i'm concerned, running into hiding was ill-advised decision on his part, he'd better be out there doing what he's known for - golf...or what he was known for before all these.

  8. apparently, he's taking a break" from golf for a while, he had better go and find his game oh, because lawyer and p.r fees are expensive, and he's being dropped by sponsors!