Tuesday 19 January 2010

MY 100TH POST.......and THANK YOUs......


I am so excited cause I really did not believe I could write 100 posts. One of my biggest flaws is that I am a quitter, inconsistent and get bored really easily. I was scared that blogging would be one of those things I would start but never finish(eg fencing, swimming, yoga, pilates, French to name a few). I love experimenting with new things, but I never follow through. It is actually my new years resolution, that and saving money!

Blogsville has become a 2nd home to me, I have met loads of amazing and talented people, learnt so many new things, enjoyed many debates and even inspired a couple of my friends to start their own blogs. I love it!
I am paticularly grateful to some bloggers who have been consistent followers, commentators and friends. They also happen to be my fave blogs that I follow! Sorry y'all if I dont comment, I'm usually lazy, and dont check constantly. Trust me I've read all your posts!

Myne Whitman, one of my most consistent followers, and a very talented writer. I have an interview with her coming soon!
Scribbles, a truly funny, down to earth guy that has become a good friend and male relationship advisor!
Sweetness, one my old friends from sec. school, and as sweet and innocent as her name, with an overactive imagination!
Juiceegal, one of the most popular bloggers and a twitter addict!
Azazel one of the most consistent and intentionally controversial bloggers, very smart and cool dude
Sugabelly, speaks for itself
Leggy, a captivating writer, I never skim read her posts as impatient as I am, its that good!

I really miss Afrobabe,
RocNaija-OMG am such a roc groupie I would get a tattoo of roc! he embodied everything a blog should be, funny, creative, extremely sexy and leaving you wondering where the truth ends and fiction begins. When I started he was a regular commentator and I loved the way he showcased the writings of new bloggers! Please come back!
Babaalaye- Classic Naija blog oh, one of the 1st blogs that wrote in broken english and was completely unpretentious! Such a funny writer with loads of wit and sarcasm!
Mr FineBoy-Classic. He was gone before I started blogging but I have read all his archived posts. With classic posts like this, how can he ever be replaced?

I wonder when I am gone if u guys will miss me like this..........mmmmm..........?????

I have to say a big THANK YOU to my alter-ego S.B. She is the co-author of the infamous Cash or Credit series (which got published on BellaNaija last year) and one of best friends. She's my critic, editor, listening ear, and most of all advisor. Thank you for your patience when I am being a pain the ass. I love you boo.

Who knows, we just might have another series brewing up to be served to y'all.........what do you think??

Thank you to Miss L.C, my naij gist blogger. More posts from her are coming this year.Thank you for encouraging me to blog, even when I didn't want to.

To all my other anonymous readers, supporters, cheerleaders and dare I say it "fans", too many to mention, thank you all so much. Your encouragement has turned blogging into more than a hobby for me, because I am re-considering a career in journalism. Please keep the love coming. 2010 promises to hold even greater things in store.

I was going to answer questions that y'all have but I am NOT happy with the questions u guys have sent oh, so I am giving y'all another opportunity! Come Hard guys! Don't disappoint me biko! Snd to bukky.bolarinwa@gmail.com


Miss B


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy first..
    Wait u said something about when you are gone????
    Please like play like play, tell me ur jokng o.. U cannot ever be 'gone'..
    Ur spirit will remain lol..
    And yes we will love and miss/appreciate you when your gone as well buddy

  2. lol..awww..im so flattered.happy 100th.im happy that you are on blogville.heres to many more posts ahead.

  3. 100th...*sigh* memories...you try oh...dun stop...I'm quitter too and see where it got me..

  4. I hope you're not going? Thanks for the shout out. You hooked me with Cash or credit. I think that was really good! And being me, I loved the cheesy ending. LOL. I'll be looking forward to another series.

  5. First time on your blog and congrats on your 100th post. Hopefully I can make it to that someday.

  6. ahhhh, dont worry guys, I am not going anywhere! I am here to stay oh! I know you guys will miss me too much!
    @Azazel @azazel and @myne, thanks oh, another series is definately coming up!
    @suru and @chari thanks guys

  7. Awwwww thanks for the shout out babes...i appreciate ur friendship girl, even if its virtual..lol.
    100 posts..chai i want to be like you one day o..hehe. Keep blogging and you know journalism is not a bad idea o..we'll talk later dear

  8. AWWWW!!! Congrats! I need to check my blog to count. Happy new year and pls beg your friend SB that we want more Cash and Credit-esque stories. I actually I prefer C&C to Mrs. Club (which i only read 3 weeks ago) so y'all better get publishing...

  9. Wait oh!! Why are you talking about me in past tense?!!

    **Scratches head** :)

    Congrats on hitting the hundred mark! E no easy..

  10. First time here and I just wanna say happy 100th! It's not easy at all o. :-)

  11. congrats, congrats, congrats!

    Many more posts to you!!!!

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