Thursday 27 January 2011

AY Comedy

Just a little something to brighten up your day! It made me LMAO! P.s I absolutely love Genevieve! Anyone that doesn't like her is looking for a fight with me ;-)


Miss B

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year!! I promise I am back for good!

Thanks for all the messages on twitter! My blog is not retiring oh! And I know the million dollar question is when the Northern Prince finale is coming! I truly apologise for keeping you guys hanging especially at the last instalment. I have sent the draft to S.B and am waiting for her to finish writing it up. This is the problem when you have co-authors, especially as S.B has moved to Nigeria and is now a "corper"! But I promise you the wait will be worth it!

Anyway so what have I been up? Main highlights were turning 23 on the 23rd of Jan and went to Nigeria for xmas. I had a blast especially as I had not been to Nigeria for christmas in over 4 years, it is worth the hype! Spent Christmas day at a barbeque instead of tucked in from the freezing weather!

Turning 23 on the other hand was not that exciting, had a chilled day shopping in Bicester village with my mum and then had dinner with family.

Here are some pictures from Xmas:

I have to tell you this story of my good samaritan act that went sour. I went to the salon and there was this cute little stray kitten that kept walking past and crying. I enquired and the lady said it had been abandoned by its mother about 3 weeks ago. I love animals and felt touched so I decided to take it home!

Omo see the comments from all my brainwashed friends oh, everything from it turning into yam at night, to spirits flying at night, mammy water spirit and "you are not in jand again oh" LOOOOL!
Fortunately me and my family are not into these nollywood type vodoo so I just ignored them!

It kept crying the first night but we gave it loads of milk and sardines and it started to act like a normal playful kitten. I named it Nosa 2 after my friend. Even my dad got to love it as it hopped playfully around the living room.

The dilemma came when I was leaving. Everyone was travelling at the same time as me, and my neighbours/cousins were supposed to be going back to school(not knowing the stupid government would close down all schools).

My mum's advice was to set it free as it had enjoyed enough! I thought this would be cruel so my bright idea was to bribe the gate man to take care of it for me for only two weeks till my brother came back! My mum warned me against this saying as soon as I left he would forget about it.

Can I just say parents are always right.

I bribed and begged my gate man the day I was leaving and he assured me with all the spirits in his village that I had nothing to worry about. Two days after I got back my dad called me and said he had left Nosa 2 outside and let the dogs out. I am sure you can picture the rest.......

RIP Nosa 2!

RIP Nosa 2!

I cried so much when I heard the news cause I felt so so so guilty cause I indirectly killed him. Maybe if I had just left him alone he would still be alive today. God forgive me! I think it is a sign for me to stop trying to save the world, especially not in Nigeria!

Hope you all missed me!

Lots of Love
Miss B.