Sunday 24 January 2010

The Questions.......

Heyy blogsville,

I'm sorry I've been m.i.a, but its been manic in my world. January has been a good month for me, because firstly I graduated!!! Wohoo, Miss B now has a masters in Law!

Secondly, it was my birthday on the 23rd and I turned 22!! I had an amazing day and thanked God for his many blessings in my life. I had a house party, which was loads of fun, but very very dramatic!

So I got a number of random questions, and chose the most interesting ones to answer.

Who is S.B?
S.B is the author of the Cash and Credit stories which we all love. She is my alter ego, the hand to my brain, she puts my thoughts on paper and we are in sync.

Who is Kunzai?
Kunzai is a "friend" of mine that I met on a night out. I was with my friend having a great time, and towards of the end of the night a guy friend of mine came over and said he was having an after party at his house. I did not know this guy well enough but my friend insisted so I went over. Next thing kunzai comes along trying to offer me drinks n make general chitchat. I don't normally open up to strangers but this dude was so charming, and easy to talk to! He was also funny, sarcastic, witty but RUDE! We chatted till like 7 in the morning, and then he dropped me off home. He moved back to Nigeria later that day, and I have not seen him since. But we are still in touch and I always wonder what could have been......

What's your take on pre-marital sex? Is kissing an invitation for trouble for people who don't want sex in a relationship?
My take on this is like my take on most other things in life- "do you". I do not really have a view on it, i.e i dont feel I have a right to say if its right or wrong. Like with everything, its about doing what makes you feel happy and what you morally agree with. I do not really see anything wrong with pre-material sex as long as you both want it and use protection!
And the second one is silly because kissing is definitely NOT an invitation for sex. Kissing is innocent, and very important, because if you get serious with someone then you will kiss them everyday and it is very important that you enjoy both it!

Who wud u rather fall for a bad boy or a nice guy and give reasons supporting ur choice?
I think this has a rather obvious answer. Most girls would say a good boy, but the truth is that good guys are kinda dull! I would personally always pick a good guy because I just don't do drama. I hate confrontation, fights and feeling insecure. I have had the fortune or should I say misfortune of dating both, and I can safely say I am not going down the bad boy route again. Sure, the nice gifts and expensive trips and popularity is bonz at the beginning but its way more trouble than its worth!

Do you believe a relationship can work without sex?
YES! Infact I think its works better because sex takes the relationship one step further and adds a huge complication to already complex issues. Once you've had sex with someone, especially for girls, you will always have a unique relationship with them and it makes you more inclined to do stupid things!

What are the main qualities you look for in a guy?
Physically- tall dark, handsome and with a 6 pack, nice arms and broad shoulders!
But as a person, I can list all the normal stuff like honest, smart, funny etc but for me, when I see someone I like, I just Know. People don't tend to grow on me, when I meet you, in 5 mins I can usually tell if I could fall for you or not.
One thing I do need is love and appreciation for music. I'm not sure I could be with someone that does not love music as much as I do!

Where would you rather live, abroad or in Nigeria?
I used to be adamant that I would always go back to Nigeria but now I'm not so certain. I probably will, but the question is of timing, it could be this year or in 5 years. Nigeria is a very sick country atm, and sometimes I get very frustrated at our wasted potential, but at the end of the day, as long as I refer to it as home and my passport is still green I will go back.

What is your view on District 9?
I loved it. One of my fave movie of last year, it uses a sci-fi plot to tell a much bigger story of a real social problem, i.e superiority of race, which is a huge problem in South Africa. Sure the thing about Nigerians was a bit vulgar, and I thought naming the head Obasanjo was a tasteless and unnecessary, but I think we are missing the bigger picture.
I completely disagree with banning the movie in Nigeria or any other movies to be honest. I believe in completely freedom of speech, and allowing people to make up their own minds. It is a show of cowardice to ban any form of media in a civilised country, but then again can Nigeria really be classed as civilised?

What is the one thing you could you not live without?
My family
My friends
Meeting new people
and Love
Yes I know it is more than one!

Are there going to be any more stories like C and C?
As long you lot keep reading, there will be more stories to come! I actually have alot of ideas and one is cooking at the moment. Might even make it interactive like Myne, just let me know what y'all want.....your wish is my command!

Miss B


  1. #take on premarital sex - I'd just say Hmmm.. lol

    #Relationships working without sex - I support you on that one. There is something about sex in a relationship (not matrimonial) and its that it sets a cloud. When this cloud comes, parties in the relationship (especially the man) begins to see less of the future in that relationship. The lady starts becoming perhaps clingy cos of the feeling of 'giving' or 'used' and thus does not want to be 'dumped'.

    #On going back to Nigeria
    I think I share the same view. While I have no choice but to go to Nigeria for my data collection and to see my 'one and only' this year, something about that journey still scare (quote and un-quote) me. It shall be well with Nigeria :)

  2. I'm so with you on the District 9 ish

  3. Masters in Law at 22. Babes you're hot!...Plenty congrats and wishing you plenty great years ahead

    I totally feel your take on S.B and look forward to reading the ideas burning to pour outta your heads.