Monday 4 May 2009

Introducing Miss L.C.........

HELLO BLOGVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant bliv im on here writing ish…im so syked about our prospective love affair….allow me to introduce myself---Miss LC -----from here onwards I will be your guest correspondent on this random ish, joining my best mate to write what will be the coolest blog ever, aka the next bella!!!!

A brief introduction about myself, I love bee almost as much as I love food, I love music and FASHION, im a jand grad who just relocated back to homeland and experiencing/re-adjusting to life in metropolitan Lagos. Let me give a heads up right now of every prospective writer on here im the least literal. Finance is my ish not Literature so no Thisday dreams from this sister…World bank presido maybe..hehehe. I guess im just trying to warn you not to expect any amazing articles..Its more like random banter ...Now that’s settled, down to the post .

I just wanted to share my tots on females and their prospective toasters diction. You know ladies, the way you want your fella to sound when he whispers sweet nothings in your ear in the middle of ish (ya’ll must be thinking ish is my fav word rite? needn’t worry it’s an MI faze)

So for you sisters across shores this particular issue might not necessarily be an issue for you. However for a sister recently relocated to Gidi with a fairly decent diction /accent, I have been approached with all sorts. Fellas feel the certain need to put up fake accents that makes them end up shelling at the end, I mean imagine ijebu/ogbomoso Yoruba trying to be Prince Harry(no offence my Yoruba peeps ….you know I luv my Yoruba fellas…dark chocolate THAT ISH IS SHA NOT RITE!!!!!!!!!!…

Or the ibo spare parts seller shouting Hey secxy!!!! From his tokunbo range sport thinking that makes up 4 it…SO NOT RITE….Then the Hausas, ill leave that to bee to explain that one seen as she is 1 of them. Anyways this tot came to me today mainly cos my newest fan really shocks me …for a Nigerian trained graduate as per not a jand or yankee grad his diction is actually amazing!!!!..he articulates his words just rite ..ok ok I know the fact that he is Fineee also makes it amazing ..but it is, I mean he uses just the right mixture of high end vocabulary as well as basic terms…which is a welcome relief from the through their nose fake accents unilag grads thro your way.

Anyways what bad diction experiences have you had???? Don’t be shy share we do not judge on here.

Ps: rhythm fm is truly outdoing themselves tonight we have oldies from Wayne wonder to shakadamus and plieRs….if music be the food of life……..

Miss LC signing out..xoxo


  1. Latoya Castrooooo in the building!!! What a pleasant suprise hun. Finally some real spice on B's blogg! Can't wait for ur Naija thrills/stories!

    My all time fav line from some Ibo guy in Grand Hotel, Asaba.. "Nne eh, nah wah for u oh. Why r ya acting like ure not a very burriful girl and I(taps chest in confidence), indeed a handsome young rich man that will make you dreams come through?!"
    Now how to you respond to such. You've got to love the boldness of African Men.
    But oooohh.. An Articulate 'FINE' young man.. Yummy! Pls hope i hear more about him soon.hehe.x

    xxx Cute Vee xxx

  2. why do you sound somewaht surprised that non jand/yankee grads can actually speak english? didnt you go to secondary school in nigeria? or do you assume that people suddenly regress linguistically somehow if they don't school abroad? just wondering,great blog otherwise looking forward to more posts from you...

    lol@ the african prince above

  3. hey lady el cee emm what was it i wanted to say again, ah yes, looking 4ward 2 reading loadz 4m bee's bestmate
    n ah yes some hausa brothers r really representing us oh, glad u met one of dem haha ma faves r yoruba guys, dunno y? i just like em lol x

  4. lol...ANONYMOUS 1..thanks hunny for the luv only in asaba fa...and for anonymous 2...of course i went to sec school in naij would not do it any where else...went i ment was geniune good english without the fony that people put up...but yeah thanks for all the luv..ill try me best(in a goerdie accent).xoxo