Wednesday 13 May 2009

Letters to a Stranger......

I lovee movies, all genres, both old and new, in any language! Because I am a big supporter of all things Nigerian, I have forced myself to love Nigerian movies, even though its been a painful experience. For every 10 Nollywood movies, you find one that is tolorable, and before you find one that you can enjoy, without fast-forwarding or giving up half-way, you have to watch at least 20! Now when I come across one that I actually enjoy, and can mange to watch more than once, I have to tell the whole world! Letters to a stranger is one of such movies.
Now by global standards, it is mediocre, but I have learnt to only compare Naija films with each other or else you will NEVER get through a single one. Firstly this review is biased because I, like many Nigerians, am DESPERATE for a movie with a little bit of a twist, where we cannot guess the conclusion after the first scene. Also I am a huge fan of Genevieve who stars in this, and never find fault with her acting(this is non-debatable people!). Also Amata movies tend to be a little bit more forward thinking than others.
The movie stars Genevieve Nnaji as a girl torn in between two men, played by Fred Amata and Yemi Blaq(who is rather sexxy). Her character has that air of a lost writer trying to find herself, which is refreshing, and the plot has a nice twist at the end. Her best friend played by Elvina Ibru is quite hilarious and adds a nice touch to the sometimes drawn out conversations(but do people seriously use such big grammer to talk as they do in these movies??). You find yourself torn between both guys as she tries to decide and it has a surprising twist in the end that left me wanting more. The production is also much better than usual.
As with most romantic Nollywood movies, there is no sub-plot, it is all set in a total of 5 locations and the conversation is too complex and sounds rehearsed. It also seems to be sponsored by MTN because the number of inferences cannot be a co-incidence.
Regardless of this, it is refreshingly original for people that have been used to increadibly predictable movies. I would reccommend it for one of those lazy sundays when you are tired of all the ridiculous American series that we are hooked on(does anyone else think gossip girl is getting more and more retarded?).
Miss B xxx


  1. But I love Gossip Girls!!!Although I must confess that lately it seems the show has been going round in circles. The Dan/Serena thing is getting really old...but I'm in love with Chuck! Can't wait for the season finale...
    I know this post was supposed to be more about 9ja films but I couldnt help but defend one of my fav shows plus I hardly ever have the patience to get through 9ja films. I use to be an addict back in the day when there were decent films like Violated,etc...Jenifa is the most recent 9ja film I've watched and I loved it...despite the bad subtitles and overstrectched plot...

  2. I get you! seriously, i dnt watch every freaking naija movie out there. one, there are too many and two, i always knw what is gonna happen n most of the time, the acting sucks, and i find myself criticizing one thing or the other....yea. i love violated.great movie. letters to a stranger i actually watched( if i watch it, it means it's a good movie.) jenifa was awesome....Reloaded too.
    Not a gossip girl fan, sorry NDQ, but i love 90210!....
    For 9ja music, i am full frontal i tell you. huge supporter!

  3. I saw this movie. Loved it. It had an unexpected end. I was thinking (and hoping) she'd end up with Yemi Blaq. But it was good sha.

  4. OMGGG guys gossip girl is really loosing the plot! i am stil addicted to it just cause I want chuck and Bliar to get together! Dan is d most annoying xter in d worldd, self rightous arrogant dumbass, gosh cannot stand him, and serena is sooo dulll! it just gets tiring and its bodering a bit on incest for me!!!
    But naija films can sometimes be more relatable becos we are not livin in the upper east side, i will NEVER GIVE UP on naija films, i have faith.....lool, thank u guys for stopping by!!

  5. Having seen so many 9ja movies (perhaps to last me two lifetimes) and an even bigger critic of them, I must say this one really is outstanding!