Monday 4 May 2009


Hello blogville,how have u been? Ok just wanted to randomly banter on the 3 weeks of romance concept in naij….or whats called the 3 week diet in some circles. A mate of mine was recently experiencing one of the most extravagant 3 weeks diet I have heard of in a while…and yours truly ripped the benefits of this diet (aka an all you can eat breakfast at le meridian. yes I luv food go hit your head on the wall)….ehem …For all of ya’ll who don’t know what im on about yet im talking about the 3 weeks of wining and dining guys shower women with when they first meet. Just 2 try and convince the ladies to give em some, you know the period before he stops calling you constantly and another dime gets in
This period comes in all forms and styles..

Some offer you a mix of the occasional meal out with cosy evenings at his place where he shows off his culinary skills and offers body massages ( cough cough). Or you get the swaaggerfied version, of a nite out with his boys with loads of champas flowing . Or the cheap version where you are fed with loads of corny ass cheap heard it on the radio lines…..naij style. But the most extreme and every gyls fantasy because we are greedy like that, is when you get it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...the nice intimate meals, the nites out ,the cheesy lines with his voice cracking to show how hard it is for him to tell you just how much he is digging you(in his baritone voice that is, consult prior post) the expensive gifts aka CHANEL hand bags and Choo strappy well as the butterflies in your tummy feeling .

But what do you do when you have bn treated to all of this and might I add the fella in question is FINEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! As.. then on one of the extravagant nites out with champas head off to the ladies to freshen up your fine self(the sister in question IS hella hella sexy) and you hear a group of ladies talking about some fella who always puts on a show very similar to the one you have bn enjoying these past 3 weeks just to get ladies in bed and how the girls ALWAYS fall for it and after they get with him they always catch a lil sumtin…..sumtin

Girl 1: Oh no b dat boy wen dey stay for water front…
Girl 2 : hen na…the one when dey drive Q7 he dey work for Mobil na
Girl 1 : I know am now ,Me I bn dey jealous ladi when he bin dey chase em till I con hear de kin tin wen he give em..(lolling)
Girl 2: Me as I see am just now they do 4 that girl na the girl me dey peti for.
(insert some Yoruba) then laughter .
Girl 1 : na en good 4 the girl b money he dey find.

Ps: all parties in this conversation look like polished well educated lived abroad for a bit hence I know how to work my MAC make up kinda girls.

EKO O NI BAJE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Lagos no go spoil)

Tell us your most amazing 3 weeks experiences…

LC signing out xoxo.


  1. "...Me I bn dey jealous the chic wen he bin dey chase until i con hear de kain tin wen he give em..." Hilarious!

  2. chanel bag in 3 weeks!! na so!