Monday 11 May 2009

Naija songs TRANSLATED.....

Heyyy blogville,

As I am sure you have noticed I am a massive music lover, but in d past year especially, I have only been listening to Naija songs because dey are just sooo DAMNN HOTT!! I was co-hosting a radio show with the lovely R and R(, and we played the club smash Anoti by M.I and but could not figure out what Anoti actually means. And then I noticed that most of the time we actually have nooo freakin clue what these songs actually mean!! But as usually Miss B to the rescue, I have decided to help you de-code and translate the hottest naija songs. So after much calls, txts, googling and yoruba dictionaries, I have broken it down for you all!!!

Anoti by M.I- literally means Undefeatable or Unbeatable(ds took ages of research, just for us to find out he says it at d end of the song!!)

Fokasibe by DJ Zeez-this was clarified by RocNaija, 'Foka' apparently means the four corners of the earth i'e north, south, east & west.. so when he says "Ori yin Fokasibe" it means your name shall be heard in the four corners of the earth..So as against an insult it's actually a prayer(thanks for that)

Yori-yori by Bracket- I think this is just a description of the feeling of falling in love, I think this is the same for Shoobeedoobedoo by Ikechukwu

Yebariba somboribobo by Sauce Kid-Nooo idea what language this is even in, just sumthng abt havin loads of swagga

PuYanga by Tilla Man(p.s ds jamm is hot hot hot!!)- again not sure what language, am guessing it means stop forming/feeling

Gbono feli feli by D'banj -this means am hot basically, hotter dan very hot amala

Pasa pasa by M.P-this literally means very quickly, basically d babe is making his heart and body beat/shave very quickly

Tear Rubber by GXPloits -It means a Virgin(LMAO)

E nu o se by Durella-means people talking bad about you will not harm you etc(yoruba is funny cause 3 words can mean alottttt)

Kamakaze(on a kedro level) by Olu maintain- i actually dont think this has a meaning, am guessin it means we ballin on a higer level etc

N doli doli by H man- It means softly softly, or gradually

Shokori bobo by KC Presh- this defo has NO meaning

Hapuya by Morachi-This literally means 'Leave it', like File/dont touch it

Lori le by X Project-literally means put ur head down, but in this sense means get down on the floor

Adara by Sasha- it will be better

Bosi gbangba by Eldee- come to the open/outside

Jaiye jaiye by Phizzle- someone that likes to enjoy lifee

Kaju Mbe by Blacko Blaze- Remove your eye from there, basically stop lookin at something thats mine

Eye adaba by Asa- this means a white dove

Mobolowowon/Olorun Maje by D'banj-my enemies cannot succeed basically

and of course Gongo Aso by 9ice-- This literally means the talking drum will tell( a story) but in this context means the whole world will know (about me/my success);
although 9ices whole album probably needs translation, cause I dont even get half of it, and I speak Yoruba but we all LOVEE it(esp my Huasa peeps)

And for all the ajebos like me i just found the meaning of -


kpoli/Ganja- weed etc anythng dt gets u high

"a wash put"-jazz a lady puts in food to make a guy fall for her(lool!! i just heard of ds--i know i know, I am an ajebo)

maga- a moomoo


ginger-get excited

Of course these are all open to interpretations. But I guess thats d beauty of Naija songs, we all love them, especially when it has a MADD beat even though we have no clue what they on about!!! This probably says alot about the wonder of music in general, that is it transcends language, culture and style. Good music is always recognisable.
What are your interpretations of these songs and are there any you do not know the meaning of?? Let me know!!

Enjoy, xoxo

Miss B.All songs are on Gidi lounge


  1. I actually saw DJ Zeez on Primetime with Keke and D-One and he said Fokasibe means something else..

    'Foka' apparently means the four corners of the earth i'e north, south, east & west.. so when he says "Ori yin Fokasibe" it means your name shall be heard in the four corners of the earth..

    So as against an insult it's actually a prayer..

    What says ye..

  2. Oh really?? thanks for the infod, i defo did not know that! i will edit accordingly!!!

  3. "Ori e o fokasibe" means "your head scatter for there". I've not found any proper English equivalent of that..but I guess you get the point..but again, as RocNaija suggests, DJ Zeez could've had a different meaning for the song (although the translation he gives doesnt make sense)

    1. I have actually spoken to some elders of the language and they lend credence to what DJ Zeez said. Go figure!

  4. 'somboribobo' is actually 'samboribobo' meaning 'sample ori obo yi' get it?

  5. Gongo Aso does not literally mean "the talking drum will talk " ("gangan" is the term that is used for the talking drum not "gongo").

    Gongo Aso means something great is going to happen

    Foka - scatter / shatter / or break into pieces.
    sibe - There
    ori- head

    Thus, ori e foka sibe literally means your head will scatter there.

    The other Yoruba translations are okay.

    Nice blog.

  6. Tear Rubber is colloquial for "brand new".

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