Tuesday 12 May 2009


Again my love for good poetry allows me to come across so many amazing unpublished poets. I will publish poems that I love, and I hope you will love too. This increadibly sexy poem is by my very talented (and horny) friend Mr N.A. He's style of writing is paticularly descriptive, and he has a way of letting you feel the connection with the words and xters. Check out his blog for more like these.(http://www.angonemi.blogspot.com/)

Stop staring at me and just kiss me.
Let me feel your breasts pressed up on my bare chest,
And your tongue playing tag with mine.
Your breath on my face, hot, passionate,
Your chest heaving,
While I run my fingers through the hair on the back of your head,
Pressing your face closer to mine.

I want to get closer...

I can feel you unbuckling my levis..
You can feel me unclasping the hook at the back of your bra,

You can feel me growing harder, pressing against your stomach,
I can feel you pressing me closer, harder, against the wall.

You want me to get closer...

All I can see is pure carnal desire in your eyes,
I want to rip off your secrets,
Put you against the wall,
Press against you,
Feel you,
Experience you,

I want to be inside of you...

You just want me to..
Make your knees buckle..
Make you moan..
Make you sweat..
The room, our own private sauna..

I lay you down on my red silk sheets,
You drag me down on top of you,
Furiously kissing,
like its going out of fashion,
Pulling my pants down,
Strippin your pants off,
Turning the lights down,
Increasing the music..

The soundtrack to our sweet slow sensual rythmic love making

Our rise, our fall,
Your gasp, my groan.
Your legs wrapped around my back,
Arms gripping the sheets,
Back arched, head bent back,
Hair splayed wildly in every direction

I don't care, you don't care...

Every muscle in my toned body tense with anticipation, expectation.
Every jerk, a prelude to our sweet release,
Every sigh, another touch in the right place
On your body,My eyes, focused,
Exploring every curve,
Shades of dark and light,
Where the light bounces off,
Everytime you squirm, and push urself deeper onto me,
Everytime I gasp, and push myself deeper into you...
Our forbidden dance, stripped bare of our mortality.

By N.A


  1. Your friend is a really good writer. I'll check out his blog.
    And thanks for visiting mine!

  2. Wow I felt that very very very good

  3. Thank you guys, he's amamzingg!!straigt up poetry we can ALL relate to, especially you Rio. NDQ thank you for stopping by and pls follow!!

  4. Nemi Nemi…he's done it again…if only he was much older…lol

  5. A very nice poem. He is good with words.

  6. i love him. Where does he live again?