Friday 5 June 2009


Release Year: 2008
Language: English
Subtitled: No
Category: Drama

This is the second amstel malta box office movie following Sitanda. It stars the winner of the 2nd Amstel’s reality show to find the next big Nollywood movie star. His name is OC Ukeje and he is freaking gorgeous!! He does an excellent job for his first feature film and is definately going places. He does not over-act which is the problem with most fresh actors and he eases into the lead role nicely, oh and did I mention that he is stunning??:=))
It is directed by Izu Ojukwu who also did Sitanda and Across the Niger which are excellent as well. I will definately recommend both. It stars Rita Dominic, Joke Silva and a number of unknown actors who do a pretty decent job. It is refreshing not to see the same re-cycled nollywood faces in a movie. The villian "Massive" in paticular played by another newcomer called Hoomsuk almost outshines OC. He is witty, funny, and engaging, and like any antagonist makes you absolutely hate his guts. He also has a sexy jos accent which I love, and I definately look forward to seeing him in other movies.

The story follows Melvin, a boy who is quite slow and thus cannot keep up with school work or anything else. He is thus sent to the village by his mother to stay with his grandmother because his step-father is tired of him. Here he still cannot finish school and becomes more and more isolated, and is thus left to run(literally) errands for his grandmother, played excellently by Joke Silver. His distinct running ablility is spotted by the local coach who takes it upon himself to train him for the state championships. In the process he meets and falls in love with a girl played by Rita Dominic(who doesnt fit the part to me, but does an ok job). It follows his struggles to succeed, battle his fear of failure and concentration and finally prove something to himself, his besotted grandmother and the world that he is not worthless.

The name of the movie comes from "Farin Ruwa" waterfalls in Nasarawa which Melvin's love interest takes him to see for inspiration, and it is absolutely breath-taking. I cant wait to go and see it myself, and it is a shame that we do not sometimes appreciate how beautiful Nigeria is.

It is an AMAZING story of rejection, determination, persiverance, blackmail, obstacles, love and hate. It is truely inspiring and made me cry. It deserves an award for the simplicity of delivering the message. The original backgorund music, the fresh cast, the emphasis on sports for a change, the camera angles, the editing, amazing scenery, cinematography all work perfectly together to make this a master-piece of Nollywood, and one of the best Nigerian movies I have ever seen(and trust me people, I have seen ALOT!)

It can be watched on Online Nigeria Here!

Miss B


  1. Most def. will watch
    you for put up a picture of the so -called good looking OC Ukeje make i make my own assesment!

  2. lol. i dont watch naija movies o, but i would try this one