Monday 8 June 2009

Cancer Research Race for Life

Heyy blogsville,
I had an amazing weekend not only because I had loads of fun but because I accomplished one of the things on my list to do before I die and so feel very accomplished. I took part in the Race for life to raise money for Cancer Research, especially for Breast cancer and the paticular types that affect women. Apparently it is now the most common type of cancer in the U.K and around 125 women a day are diagnosed with breast cancer, I know its shocking. The survival rates here are are amazing though! Although it does not affect black women as much, a neighbour of mine in Kaduna died a couple of months ago after a long battle with cancer. I am passionate about charity work and I have definately done alot in my years here.

However, I am determined that my next charity activity will be towards something that affects black people more, such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Malaria and AIDS because these are still horribly underfunded compared to the amount of sufferes. At the end of the day we as Africans have to be the ones to raise money ourselves, and I am determined to set up some sort of charity organisation in Nigeria to help people in need!
Now, I had been bugging people for sponsorship for a while now and every1 did so, only on the condition that I would complete the 5km race, AND I DID(whos laffin now suckers!!! lol). I managed to raise £370 for Cancer research and so a big thank you to all those that sponsored me!!
The actual day started out rubbish because it was soo rainy and gloomy plus 10am is really early for me to wake up on a sunday morning!! But we were determined and walked in the rain, got in a taxi but were stuck in traffic for a good 15mins. The cab going cost me about £15!!! But this was because they were LOADS of people trying to get in. GOD OF MERCY, you have to admire the committmentt of British people to charity work and good causes. They are definately one of the most giving people, especially because alot of the people have been affected by cancer in one way or the other! The target was £500,000 and I am sure they raised almost double that. There were at least 700 people there, people came with thier kids, dogs, grandparents, funny costumes and it was a general fun day out, especially as it became sunnier.

My friend and I had a great time as well, we jogged at the beggining, walked most of the way and then dramatically jogged in slow motion towards the end, too much jokes!! We also got medals as souveniers and we felt an exreaordinary sense of achievement when we completed it. I would definately recommend it to anyone whos thinking of taking part in charity work because it looks good on your C.V as well! Here are some pics!

Sooo many people!!

Ds kid was also raising money.....toooo cuteeee

C people ohhhh!

Miss B


  1. i soo want to run for the cure. i believe in my city,its held in October, so i am preparing!
    Hopefully my lazy bum friends join me. don't wanna go alone!

    proud of u gurl...

  2. well done guys so proud. :))))))))))))))))

  3. Congratulations...... Can't remember when last I attempted to complete a greater than 100m dash!

  4. good job on the race.... its always so emotional. last year, i couldnt help but burst into tears when i reached the finish line... running alongside cancer survivors make one appreciate life.... i wish i was around for this one

  5. lovely, inspiring ladies. I love the picture...hook me up with one race. lol Happy for you two