Wednesday 10 June 2009

British National Party BNP

So the BNP got 17% of the votes, based on proportionality alone. I feel sad for Britain today and I regret not going out to vote. Here is a video of a man who is an active BNP member that caused controversy a couple of years back because he said that it can be scientifically proven that white people are smarter than black people.

I remember I was taking a human rights module and we had to decide if he has a right to free speech which is a right that is highly protected here, or if this right should be curtailed when it incites hate. The conclusion was that freedom of speech in England is too great a right to curtail even at the expense of people's feelings as long as it doesnt actually harm people(John Stuart Mill). I agree with this, but all the same I think its a huge step back for British Politics that I have come to see as the benchmark for Democracy. Oh well, At least we have Obama right?


  1. Nice post Miss B.

    Was browsing along when I came upon this blog and video. I'm gonna post up the video and credit you in my blog. Hope you don't mind. Take care.


  2. Of course not, and thanks for stopping by, x