Tuesday 23 June 2009

Oyinbo Man hawks Gala in Lagos.......

The story can be found here. Has the credit crunch gotten this bad??? LOL.

Nah apparently he's doing this for research on hawking and street trading in Lagos. I give thumbs up to him for immersing himself fully into his work. I am always impressed with people that can do this. I am currently writing my dissertation on Child Labour, and wish I could talk directly to the kids affected, the parents, governments and NGO's but unfortunately, I am only using secondary research!

I bet he's crippling bussiness for others around him though cause he will be getting loads of attention! LOL


  1. na wa o, wetin oyinbo man want for the street of Lagos? Love the story too. What kinda of research does he really want? How to rip Nigerians of their already corrupt Naijr? lol

  2. LOL! I hope his research was worth it!