Wednesday 24 June 2009

Train Sleeping Fiasco......

Ok I am starting to think I have a SLEEPING PROBLEM. Now this normally means that people cannot fall asleep. But for me, I cant freaking stop sleeping!!!
OK so I slept on my first day at work, and today I fell asleep through my lunch break and when my boss went out to court, I put my head on my desk and slept off again. My freaking phone kept ringing over and over again and I did not wake up until my colleague yelled my name across the hall and then I jumped and picked the phone!
Now you would think this is enough for me for the day, but oh noo, when I got on the train I thought I would just rest my head on the window for a bit......ok maybe just rest my eyes for a bit........ok maybe just sleep for 5minutes because the train takes 15mins to get to my stop..........

Next thing I know, I am in Never Never Land and I MISS MY STOP! i only got up because a whole crowd of people hopped in the train and were pushing me over for a seat!! If not for that, I would have ended up in Manchester or something!!!!!

I was like SHIT, where the hell am I?? I look around and lukily, I am just 1 stop away so I get off at the next station and go to the opposite platform, all the while thinking menn I need a doctor or therapist or something!! This is extremely abnormal!!!
How did my 5mins sleep turned into a 20mins one??? How did I sleep so deeply so quickly that I did not hear the LOUD lady on the train yelling next stop is Wimbledon, over and over and over again??

Damn I need HELP! and FAST!


  1. wow, thats some funny ish. abeg stop sleeeping. have u tried coffee or maybe u dont sleep at the rite time.

  2. lol, lmho, lmao, manchester...lmfao