Monday 22 June 2009

First Day at Work........Sleeping Addiction

Heyy blogsville,

So I had my first day at work today. First of all, I got up really early and got there like 30 mins early. I tend to do that when I am nervous about something. Can I use this opportunity to applaud the Brirish transportation system. A train for 8.04 really does leave at 8.04. I am getting so used to this meticulous system that Nigeria is going to be a bit of a shock. I could definately get used to the buzz of rush hour travel. Its kinda exciting although everyone on the trians always look so depressed. I wish I could tell them at least you all have a job which is a blessing in these economic times!

Work started off a bit scary because the lady I was supposed to be working for is going on maternity leave and I was just asked to sit around while they tried to decide what to do with me. Its really annoying when people are talking about what to do with you like you are an unwanted refugee when you can hear everything and you are really nervous to begin with. Not Fun!

I was eventually placed to assist one of the criminal lawyers which was a bit bumming because I really wanted to work with family law. But it was not that bad. My boss put me straight to work and I was so tired by my lunchtime that I SLEPT right through my break. After a red bull and several cups of coffe, I was still soo drowsey. It was so bad that I was on the phone to the Magistrates Court, and they put me on hold for ages. Next thing your girl FALLS ASLEEP ON THE PHONE! As in I dozzzzed offff! Then I start to hear a voice on the phone saying hello, hello, hello, and I just jump out of my seat. The lady on the phone starts speaking really fast about bail and custody hearing bla bla bla and I did not get a single thing cause I was just gaining consiousness. To cut the long story short, I had to call the court again and get everything down cause I was totally out of it.

But chai, your girl can sleep oh. I slept on the train back, almost missed my stop. I slept while waiting for the next connecting train, and I slept on that train too. Now that I am home, I am wide awake blogging and I will go and doze off again. If I get fired for anything, it will be for sleeping in a meeting with a client or something because I am the sort of person that when sleep comes knocking, I must answer ohh! Thank God I am not a brain surgeon or something because your girl will sleep with a patients head wide open!!!

Apart from that, it was ok. Looking forward to more exiting work tomorrow. I am going to sleep now---God help me LOL :-))


  1. lol its seems like sum one had fun at the office today


    Sleep is a bad one o, I no blame you afterall I sleep a lot sometimes. Goodluck on the new job. happy for you.