Saturday 20 June 2009

Apology Line....

So Mr woman-beater in the story below has apologized to me, not to my friend yet cause she is obviously still too disturbed. So the question is that where do you draw the line between a mistake/one time incidence and something that is totally unacceptable and cannot be forgiven?? He seemed genuinely sorry and like everyone these days was quick to blame it on the alcohol. The question is can someone who does such a vile act be given a chance to redeem themself??


  1. At all oh. A woman beater is a woman beater. You know how I feel about these things. He should quit alcohol too for the better.

  2. Perhaps alcohol only removes people's inhibitions and allows them do what they had in mind all along.. I have always wondered why people who beat up their wives and blame it on the alcohol didn't beat up a police man on the way home........ Maybe its not only the alcohol.. But then.. everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves... As long you ensure there are enough safeguards to prevent any such thing repeating itself if dude suffers another alcohol induced relapse!

  3. Let's see...he apologized to you, not to the person he attacked? Did he even offer to pay for any medical treatment? And let me guess, he either called you or approached you when you were alone. Can't risk facing any embarassment by apologizing to a lady in front of his or her friends...And that should be the end of it abi?

    He probably heard about your post and people's responses asking you to name and shame him. Have you wondered, what if she lost her hearing? What if her face got badly bruised or she lost teeth? What if you weren't there?

    So as usual, no repercussions for bad behavior? No worries, it is expected, we are afterall Nigerians. Meanwhile, the cycle continues...


  4. not acceptable, case closed but as Msmak said, we are nigerians and its acceptable plus the cycles continues, how depressing is dt!!