Monday 20 April 2009

Nigerian MEN........;-))

By popular demand, this is going to be my first topic of debate(which is another thing i love). Notice the empasis on the word MEN and not guys or boys because this rant is about them, and I am going to generalise it as African men as well because I have been to Ghana, Benin and Togo and they exhibit this same xtic. The inability to stay FAITHFUL!! Now this is obviously a generalisation, but statistically lets say 90% of these Nigerian MEN are irresponsible in one way or the other. Now some people(such as my mum) think that it is inbuilt! I went out wen i wz in lagos and the bars and clubs r full of OLD MEN and i mean dese dudes make my dad look 15! Not only that they were overweight with tummies the size of a pregnant woman about to drop and dey were still stuffing thier faces with food and alchohol, extreamly grotesque. The worst part is that they have the confidence and swag of Kanye west. They really think dey r d shit and are doing you a favour by blessing you thier presence....ewwwww! My main problem is that I do not know how to be rude and I found the whole thing extreamly funny, but when you laff they start to think u r really feeling thier P! Another problem is that they do not take no for an answer, one of my friends told this MAN that she has a boyfriend and d d dude replies:"so? am married with two kids!". the proper reply should have been then WHAT THE HEll ARE YOU DOING HERE?? It gets very exhausting trying to be polite, but its hard to be rude to man older than your father when you are brought up in our culture.

Now i have nothing against mature guys going out to have fun as long as you do it with a little self respect and dignity, thats the reason I still love living in the North, the men do not make a fool of themselves. But i do understand that alot of the times, naija babez, especially my age all want suga daddies and aristos to fend for them, and the sad thing is that some of these babes do not even come from poor backgrounds which was the classic excuse. it seems its just the norm now to have a bobo and a sugerdaddy!
Well thats enough ranting for the day, but on the plus side dere are alot if young, swaggalicious naija guys that are doing thier own thing, if only they do not turn into sugerdaddies when they grow old..........


  1. wow..........dnt u like sugar daddies as wellll...everi1 wants a young blood....

  2. lol nice wryt up... nice to know that somewhere there are 'swaggerlicious' naija brothers around

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  4. where did u find said swaggerlicious brothers. they all seem to go into hiding when im around.
    Personally im sick of the whole sugar daddy BS; completely and utterly sick of it. We live in the naija of 09 where the art of playing hard to get, frontin, "i'll think about it" and basically being on a long thing is rapidly becoming extinct.
    The point im trying to make is that if u- a sugar daddy/useless man- find urself in a club and you want some young blood the girls who are up for it(for the thrills or to pay the bills) will make themselves known to you. VERY QUICKLY. Don't bother me when im just trying to have a good time with my friends.

  5. This unfaithfulness matter is not even funny babez and it seems like not only men are doing it anymore... women are taking active part in the madness too! What a shame.

    @ Anonymous 17.05
    You sound like u have a sugar daddy, are one urself or will grow up to have or be one! In which case, pitiful!lol

  6. Humans are only as faithful as their options I once heard somewhere...guess its true,

    Gals looking for sugardaddies is real bad in bad in naija, and even all make all em gals believe everytime a guy says hi..its like they just entered a PIN for an ATM..all this see is ego!!!

  7. Even old carga Niaja women are chasing young boys...its an individual thing rather than gender.