Wednesday 29 April 2009

Lil Miss Califonia.....

Disclaimer-personal opinions expressed with quite some anger, i dont have beef with any1 ohhh

Ok I dont know if you guys have seen all the hoohaa about Miss Califonia in the recent Miss USA pagent. For those of you who havent this is basically what the whole gist.....

Ok now i dont want to spend this post talking about my views on gay marriage cause that'll take the whole day. To be honest I am not sure what exactly how I feel, but i am totally against any form of discrimination towards any group of people. Especially as black people, we should know better! Now I understand that some people think its wrong because of religious or personal beliefs and I respect that, but theres no need to express strong views directly to people you dont like. Its called being diplomatic or POLITICALLY CORRECT, which is the state we live in.
Now, pagents are all about being FAKE! Fake tan, fake hair, fake boobs and fake smile. The whole premise of it is quite comedic to me. So this dumb girl was apparently going to win until she decided to give the WRONG answer. NO dey do not give a crap about your opinions, its a pagent, your opinions do not count for shit, theres a right and wrong answer. Right answer- world peace, elimination of child hunger, charitable work, Wrong answer-Anything that starts with "my personal opinion......."
The question was asked by a GAY judge who we all know is all about gay rights and the whole point of the question was to highlight the fight for same sex marriage in America. What would it have cost her to just say what they wanted to hear? now she just looks like the dumb ass blonde we all thought she was and has suceeded in alienating a huge chunck of the society. If she wants to say some controversial shit like that then why doesnt she join the Republican party and spare us the Red neck hillbilly crap(ds is from a babe dt supposed to be from califonia, one of the gayest states ever).............jeeeeeeez!!!!

And no I am not a supporter of gay marriage or watever, i am just a campainer against stupidity. Ok dts really enough hating for the day.........loool



  1. to be honest, if anything at all, her response brought her more attention that the eventual Miss America, which is great for her.
    Ps. I'm all for the gayness.. or is it gaiety??

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  2. Soo right B. I'm very up for the.. 'my personal opinion speech' but comeon these days, topics like that are very sensitive and highly controversial so u simply be political.
    A perfect way to have answered the question would have been to say... Even though i was raised in and believe in opposite sex marriages, i also stand strongly against discrimination of any form. So if i can be allowed to marry a man, so should a woman who decides to marry a woman. So yes, I think it should be allowed in other states aswell.

    Cuz she didn't even answer the question in the end!
    xxx CuteVee xxx

  3. i totally agree with you Bukky..noone shld express strong negative views towards any group of ppl...btw luv d blog...keep doin ur thing

    rach x