Tuesday 28 April 2009

Nigeria vs Africa......

Disclaimer-These are MY thoughts and opinions ohh and I am not a hater.......ok maybe just a little.......

This blog was inspired by a conversation/argument I had at a dinner party. A friend from an East African country said that Nigerians/Ghanians do not get along with countries from East Africa because we are....................wait for it.........HOSTILE!!! She said the reason that these two parts of Africa dont really know that much about each other is because .........wait for it................we think we are better that them!!!! Now the correct response should have been....damn right we are.....but she was eating with a knife so i decided to be diplomatic. In my undergrad I had alot of East African friends mostly from Kenya and they had expressed this hostility towards us as well and I just did not understand it. A kenyan guy eventaully broke it down for me--Nigerians are opressive. We have a way of dominating where ever we go and whatever we do. Contrary to the popular allusion, its not down to the fact that we are greater in number, although this plays a significant role, it is just that we have a dominant nature. For example, in my undergrad, the east Africans broke away from the ACS because it had apparently become the Nigerian society. At my current uni, there is actually a Nigerian society as well as an ACS and an East African one. I once had a debate with a guy who felt that there was no need for this, but I have been part of the ACS for several years and I know that no matter the effort put in place, a group of people are always displeased, and it is never the Nigerians!!
Back to the debate, she claims the reason there were not alot of East Africans in Nigeria is becasue we are hostile and the reason there are a number of Nigerians in east Africa is because they are welcoming. I totally disagree with this point. First of all, Nigerians are everywhere, weather the people welcome them or not(i mean there are people leavin Naij to school in Sudan and in thier mind they are abroad), and secondly, East Africans to me are very xenophobic(generalisation obviously). Even the ones living here tend to stick to themselves, do thier own thing and always speak thier language regardless of other people being there, kinda like hausa people to be honest. This to me is the reason that they do not like us, because we are so forceful ourselves, we always tend to butt heads.
I have to say with the East African guys, theres also a little insecurity. One of my Kenyan friends told me a story about his experience with Naija boys in Reading. Apparently he was really feeling this babe whom some popular Naija boy was also digging and they had a little beef. This Naija boy now organises boys to go and warn him to back off. He had dutch courage and decided to run his mouth telling them to do thier worst. He did not realise whom he was dealing with, and next thing they beat the crap out of my poor friend. He even showed me the scar they left on his face ohh, safe to say that boy will never come near any Naija babe in his life(which is a shame cause hes soo fine). They also hate the fact that thier own babezz always digg naija boyzz(but can you blame them lool)
Now I have alot of diverse friends but have never been able to figure out why other Africans do not like us, but I think I have come to the conclusion that we are too forcefull. When a single Nigerian walks in the room it makes a (loud) difference. All you have to do is go to London and you can see the of impact Nigerians(esp Yoruba). Regardless, Nigerians are one the nicest and welcoming people I know, so I have to conclude that they are the ones with the problem. I mean its not as if they like Ghanians or Americans or the British either. Come to think of it, they don't even like each other.............

One love...xoxo


  1. Bukky B.....i agree with u 2 an extent, but my 9ja peeps arent forceful..we are very accomodating as against ur frend's opinion...


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  2. Lol i remember this convo quite funny

  3. I have a similar albeit different geographical story.....
    My encounter was with a South African girl during a house party over....wait for it....jollof rice.
    The designated cook presented a plate of jollof rice with all the trimmings and i took the first serving (surprise surprise), the SA babe along with others asked me how it was I said it was delicious and the pepper was ok- now i must point out that i eat ALOT of pepper. i mean it will be on my wedding cake sort of thing. Everyone knew this...
    The SA babe takes a bite and suddenly clutches her throat and start gasping for air. i mean she even bangs the table...really. the cook feeling real bad rushes off to get her some water and she gulps it down sputtering, and all amidst gasps of "sorry oh" from everyone else.

    i was pissed. when she caught her breath(a good 3yrs later) i was like "what was the meaning of that?"
    SA- what do u mean
    Me- u know wat i mean. even if it was too spicy for u there was no need for the dramatics. You should apologise to the cook cos u made her feel bad.
    Now i wasn't expecting a full-on apology but maybe a "sorry about before. its delicious don't mind me" i mean the girl(cook) had been slaving all day.
    But oh nooo...the SA babe launhes into a nigerians are bullies, not everyone must bow to ur will dialogue. "if she can't eat our type of food, she can't. i can't force her" see me see wahala. Why are Nigerians so pompous? South africans have accomplished alot too but u don't see them bragging about it, east africans bring in tourism but all we(nigerians)do is give africa a bad name with fraud and all- oh no this SA b**** did NOT just go there.
    I tell her to watch her playa hating tongue and carry her apartheid ass out of here. That south Africans couldn't grow balls if they were paid to. that at least Nigerians had the guts to tell oyinbo to give us back our country instead of allowing them get so comfortable that its ingrained into the minds of children that black is inferior, favoring lighter skinned peeps for front of house duties in every resort, 9ja did not sell her integrity for infrastructure.
    It was hot oh....as in all we needed was a man in a tuxedo saying "lets get ready to rumbleeee" and it would have been ON!
    we made such a riot that we had to be taken to away just so we could calm down.

    Nigerians are boastful yes but If we are unwelcoming its beacuse they always make us feel we have to apologize simply for being Nigerian.
    My best friends conclusion after i told her the story is that 9ja boy do SA babe strong thing cos she couldn't make egusi.

  4. nigerians are domineering.. the rest of africa are insecure.. thats why we r hated.. Q.E.D

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