Monday 24 August 2009

X Factor Wonders....

I LOVE X-FACTOR!!! I love music, I am in love with Simon, I love "reality" t.v and the combination of all three is irresistable. I am so glad it is back on t.v. I have seen hundreds of auditions but I saw the BEST AUDITION I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! it was PERFECT! Even if he doesnt win, this guy is talented, and I am already a fan.

and then you have clowns like these babes (who auditioned last year as well) why do people embarass themselves like this??

and ofcourse theres ALWAYS a Nigerian that feels d need to disgrace us, more than usual, in this case Eguono Okiti was that person!! Oh and she just had to do Mariah Carey's Without You. This song has been raped in so many positions by so many people, I can never enjoy it again.

It started with this lady in Bulgarian idol, that remixed it to "ken Lee"

I just loveeee reality t.v auditions. The Naija ones are just as good. There are a couple of really talented people like this babe called Tamara below:

But more importantly i lovee these West African Idon audtions. Every time I'm having a bad day and I need to laugh, i just watch these clips. I swear they get funnier each time. LOOL!

And there is this babe in South African Idol that looks sane but is possessed!!

Mr Lonley LMAOO

The funniest thing is they seem shocked when they are told they cannot sing. Thank God for truthful friends.

Miss B


  1. lol imao...this got me laughing.. My sister, long time no hear. Hope all is well. I love the vidoes for real.

  2. LOL....nice one. English has suffered sha. "Ken Lee" to "Can't Live" and "Bring A Spear" to "Britney Spears"

  3. P.S- i love Danyl from x-factor as well. I have re-watched his audition more times than I will ever admit

  4. lol...i watch the videos as well when im in the sad mood.
    nice blog.

  5. Absolutely love Danyl... Same thing i said aswell, even if he doesn't win he definitely gave a brilliant audition! But damn Tamara can sing for a naija chic, didn't even know about her! And for the others.. In God We Trust oh!!!

  6. lol...i need to catch up on african idol..