Wednesday 19 August 2009

The Perfect Picture:Movie Review

So I have been hyped about seeing this movie since I saw the preview below on Bella Naija.

The synopsis of the movie: “In what seems like a perfect life, three beautiful women who are pushing thirty make bold attempts to change their lives even when destiny plays its joke on them. With a marriage that seems almost doomed from the beginning, to an affair with an unlikely candidate and the endless pursuit of love, three friends will learn the harsh lessons of life, the challenges of marriage, the fatality of falling in love and the rewards of having a good laugh in the mist of sorrow."

I saw this movie and was blown away. It is 9/10 by African standards. It revolves around 3 friends and thier love-lives in modern day Ghana. It stars Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Chris Attoh, Adjetey Annang, Nana Kwame Osei-Sarpong and KSM. It adds to an increasing genre of African Romantic comedy, not melo-dramatic over-the-top romance that saturates Nollywood.

The picture quality, sound, and editing are on point, and the three main xters are excellent in thier roles. There are several points about this movie that are notable:

1) It has ALOT of sex scenes. By African standards this an 18! There is no nudity or anything, but there are enough sexual talk and inferences keep your mind blown. The movie is basically about SEX SEX AND MORE SEX! LOL But it is done in a classy way I think. It is no more vulgar than the way normal people converse, it is just the first movie I have seen that portrays this, so it gets bonus points. It helps that men are all HOT, but Chris Attoh, who stars as the main guy is just sex on legs!!! OMG he tall, dark and STUNNING....but I digress...

2)The scenery is amazing. Its all plush gardens, enormous buildings, beautifully decorated homes, clubs, bars resturants and pools. For a second I was like is this the Ghana I visited? I definately have to go back and look for these posh places!lol

3)The soundtrack is on point. I was so hooked that I went to download one of the songs called "Obi do wa a do ni bi"(love the one that loves you back) and I have been singing in Fante ever since!

The only problem is that certain storylines are a blit cliche, and the main xter is outshined by the other ladies. Their stories are more intruiging and Lydia Forson who plays Dede(the wayward friend, yes there is always one, and we all have one) does an excellent job! It also tends to dragg onnnnnn, a bit and I got inpatient after a while.

Regardless, it is a must-watch for rom-com lovers, so grap your popcorn and enjoy!
You can watch the movie HERE or HERE!



  1. OMG...Chris attoh is hot..he plays kwame on Tinsel..the 1st multi cam naija soap opera on mnet..he is soooooo hottt!!!!

  2. Chris Attoh is hotness personified! There's something about a darker skinned hottie that makes you sit up and take notice! so how did u get to watch this movie if you are not living in Ghana? Did someone buy it for you 'cos I've been trying to figure that out:(

  3. Nah She watched it from the links included in the article at the base.hope this helps..xoxo

  4. Saw the movie.. Amazing for an african movie. story, quality of production and the actors/actresses. Definitely recomend!
    And damn, I think Chris is my new destiny! He is firey sex on legs and i'll definitely do him anyday!lol

  5. I don't know who will see this but I really want to purchase or download all the music on this movie. If you know where I could purchae this please say something. someone please respond!