Thursday 13 August 2009

M.I Interview....

Mr Incredible Revealed
Hey bville, just thought I'd share a question and answer session with Mc extraodinaire of the moment Mr Incredible aka MI . This session was brought to you courtesy of the drive time show with Gbemi on the Beat99.9 fm.

Q: What was the last book you read?
MI: The Bible, I read it cause I needed to mark reference for some lines I'm about to drop.

Q: What movies have you watched more than five times.
MI: That would have to be Love Actually,Notting Hill..Well im a bit of a rom com fan . oh and Jayz’s performance at Glastonbury.

Q: What did you last in what item have you stolen of recent.
MI: That would have to be my mums jewelry….yes I'm shamed face…actually stole it for a girlfriend..cant mention her name just incase she is listening

Q: Have you ever been heartbroken?
MI: Yes I have been. I think it was back in 2000 or there-about

Q: So tell us,are you in a relationship at the moment?
MI: No im not.

Q: What about you and Kel
MI: Shout out to Kel my baby mama....jokes im joking but na we never dated.

Q: If you could date any woman in naija who would it be?
MI: That would be Rita Dominic..and no jokes men I think she is Hot!!

Q: What did you first buy after you had your big break?
MI: That would be a car

Q: What model was it…oh what would be your dream car?
MI: Ha..that is an X6 a BMW X6

Q: Where would you love to travel to that you have not been to already?
MI: I would like to have one of those hoidays where you rent a bicycle and go backpacking around,like in Italy for a year or something like that.

Q: What would be your dream collaboration both nationally and internationally?
MI: Nationally I think Asa…and Dbanj but yeah im friends with Dbanj so that might just happen actually friends with a couple of them guys 2face,Banky W..actually myself and Banky W workout together

Q Ohhh can I come watch.....
MI: LOOL, ..Then internationally ..I would like to work with my man Kanye men….

Q: Boxers or Briefs?
MI : Boxers

Q: Cats or Dogs?
MI: Dogs I’m actually about to get a bulldog.

Q: Whats you favourite food?
MI: Pounded yam and eforiro my top three meal would be pounded yam with draw soup and pounded yam with another soup.

Q:What is your favourite colour?
MI: The point at which blue and green met.

Q: Who are your best friends?
MI: JC Cell and Ice prince

Q: Who is your role model?
MI: That would be my Father.

Q: Do you think you are a role model?
MI: By default yes I think to a certain extent and I must add its intimidating.

Q: Could you share any crazy groupie stories?
MI: Yeah there was one chic,I can actually mention her name Ada, and she was trying to show off how much of a party girl she was by drinking a lot and she ended up fallin asleep in her own vomit…Oh and if there is an ada standing next to you saying she is not the one..then she probably is…

Q: How old are you,or should we say how young are you?
MI: Well lets just say im older than 25 but younger than 28

Q: So whats your spec in women?
MI: For me its all about having a great mind and a great behind..thats our ability to hold a deep conversation.

Q:Have you got any bad habits that you would rather not have.
MI: That would probably be biting my nails.

Q: Are you right or left handed?
MI: Right handed

Q: Do you have any body parts that you are insecure about?
MI: Well I guess I already know Im not a fine boy im really not sure.

Q: If you could have any super powers what would they be?
MI: I'cd be invincible

Q: Have you ever dated anyone taller than you?
MI: Yeah I have ,she was actually taller and older than me…she was about 6inches taller and 4 years older .

Q: What is your favourite female body part?
MI: Well I want to own an Aston Martin one day and I really like get my drift.. lol…(errrrr.....ok)

All in all Mr incredible came off as a very pleasant guy and really down to earth and funny…ok ok maybe this is my own groupie story….We'll keep trying to get our own personal interview so we can ask him all the questions you naijadaydreamer followers want to ask him… Check out his new song “God bless you” which he said was written about himself and how he feels when he is constantly on the road and he finally gets back home to family and friends ..and cough cough..Her…...

Miss LC..


  1. Aww, I heart M.I! I lol'ed at his groupie story...cant wait for when you finally get to interview him

  2. cool.....just dropped by to say hi as well....

  3. aww Love Actually is my fav movies as well....see we're meant to be together.

    P.S- could someone please explain the link women-aston martin-astronauts

  4. Mista Incredible em Iya!!
    He's incredible joh!!
    Thanks for the interview!!
    Shoutouts from Cameroon!!

  5. MI Mr Incredible.........Heavilly mouthed fellow you are and will you remain. Just woke up to listen to ur new release God Bless You. It's the bomb, music doesn't come any better than this. More pwer to your elbow. I believe you master.