Saturday, 5 June 2010

Yerima:No Regrets Over His Child/Perverted Marriage

"All these talks bother on what my religion permits me to do or not. Everything required of me as a Muslim is stipulated in the Quran, so I try to live by the tenets of my religion. Some people don’t even care about the existence of God which is okay with them, but so long as I have professed to be a Muslim, I will live by the tenets of the religion until I die.

And in December this year God willing, I will give out another of my 16-year-old daughter in marriage again. And nobody on earth can stop that marriage by the grace of God. Her name is Hafsat, she is currently a student in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. The potential husband is in the university in Cairo. As soon as it is December, the marriage will take place. I have not broken any law and all I have done is guided by Islamic injunctions which are fully recognized by the Nigerian Constitution. I give out my daughters in marriage when they get husband. For example, if my fourth daughter, who is 14 now, gets a husband, I will gladly offer her to him. You see, nobody can dictate to me how I run my family or how I give my daughters out in marriage. People should mind their business."

The rest of the interview can be found HERE

Peadophile. Hiss

Miss B


  1. Maybe he isn't doing it the right way but giving his 16 year old daughter out in marriage does not make him a paedophile... I think he's much better than those parents whose 14 yr olds if not less are having sex and they'd rather try to act like it isn't happening. This is somewhat hypocritical.. in this country,UK its ok to give contraceptives to <15 yr olds as long as they've been counseled but not alright for patents of 15 yr olds to say our kids wanna get married esp if they're Muslims. Yerima obvly has issues but not d case involved in giving his 16 yr old out in marriage.

  2. u have got to be kidding me? Will you give your child out at the age of 16? If the answer is no, then your point is not valid!

  3. @Anonymous: Are you fucking kidding me??? A 14 year old having sex with a fellow 14 year old or even a 16 year old does not have the same kind of psychological trauma that a 13 year old being sold off to an old man does.

    OMG, you have got to be fucking kidding. People like this make me sick.

  4. @ Miss B- I will happily do that; to another 16 year old. At Sugabelly, there really is no need to swear, I was not thinking of giving my 16 year old child to a 45yr old- definately not! But rather than wait until she comes home with pregnancy. Does any of you watch Private practice? This tyhings happen day in day out around us and I dont see people puking their guts out at the sight. When my 15 year old cuz got pregnant, everyone had a bit of moaning for a couple of weeks, then it was all it has happened, But I'd rather she was married!

  5. urpoint does not make sense, if you would not give your own child out to a 45yr old digusting man who is married with 4 wives and a million kids, then how can you support him giving out his own daughters?
    the kids in private practice do it with CONSENT, and are not forced into it by illiterate fathers because of poverty. Think!

  6. So now you think Yerima is giving his 16yr old daughter away because of poverty? I'm sure not! And why are we making assumptions that she's going to marry someone older? I won't be surprised if he's another 17 yr old I am thinking b ut just sometimes not every one of this things is forced.. Arranged, maybe but forced is an entirely different thing.
    I in no way condone what Yerima did in marrying the 13 yr old, but this is two different things entirely and all I am saying is that they are two different topics. I'm not defending him either but I still think that if my 16 yr old comes home with a boyfriend, I will give her the marriage option!

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