Wednesday 16 June 2010

Introducing SylkSiren........... and Good Hair

I would like to introduce you all to my friend SylSiren's blog. She writes very inspirational and thought provoking posts, and is a Natural Hair Champion! Like me, she writes about a lil bit of everything (aka jack of all trades) music, fashion, cooking, movies, books and the ups and down of life!

She takes inspiration from blogs like
Here are some pics from her blog....

and this is her now she's gone all crazy and cut off her hair

Speaking of which, I watched Chris Rock's Good Hair, and it was alright. I didn't learn anything I didn't already know, but I liked the fact that he didn't push any of that "loving yourself and inner african beauty" sturvs. It was just an investigation of black women's hair by a black man. Most guys honestly dont know anything about our hair. My dad just came to see me and asked me "is this the latest Brazilian style that he has been hearing about". Lmaoooooo! Here is the Preview.

Here is Tyra's take on the issue....

Lmaooo at "the white girl flow"

Speaking of which I just copped myself a Brazilian weave.....

I will not lie, it feels sooo good, all soft and curly and gorgeous....hehehehe

This is my definition of good hair....

Yes I am a sell-out!

Miss B


  1. l love your hair, very pretty, looking great too. How is work going girl?

  2. i know! that is good hair
    i just got my hair done, unsure tho
    ppl seem to like it but this is wat i feel i look like :

  3. Bukky, is that your natural hair? One thing I devote attention to in ladies is their hair. In fact, it attracts me as much as their intelligence. One of the things that got me stucked to the love of my life haha. I can't stand ladies cutting their air. Its a turn off...

    - LDP

  4. This hair matter eh, o di kwa very somehow o. First of all, why is Chris Rock telling us about his daughter's hair? maybe she really does have bad hair. i had (still have) bad hair but my sisters have really nice, full and long hair. white people wear weaves too FFS, they just don't make noise about it. and if combing your hair gives you a migraine, by all means get it straightened. and if you like your hair full and kinky, good for you but please don't preach about it. my hair is neither full nor coarse so I can't comply. Naija men dreaming of running their hands through their wife's (girlfriend's?) long smooth and silky hair can dream on. God did not share that type of hair for us so we have to reach out to the more privileged (like the Brazillians) for some help:)
    Gosh, that was longer than I expected...oh well...nice hair tho.

  5. Er.. what's the link to your friend's blog na? I love her hair! Your (weave) is nice too lol

  6. @devine - lmao..that was funny.or is the cat tryna be Lady
    on hair -me, philosophy is - whatever works for u..

  7. Stephanie's hair is GOOD! Lol @selling out. To each her own.

  8. Your hair looks lovely ;) To each his/her own...there's enough room for everyone at the table

  9. ummm, us Africans are diverse by nature, skin tone wise, hair, language, features, cultures and the list goes on and on and on. So it really makes my cringe when people who have absolutely no knowledge of Africa and it's many components, mention my continent in an ignorant, backwards, un-intelligent manner. That includes many dumbass Africans, not just black Americans, that have what science calls an "inferiority complex" or in other words, "colonial mentality". Enlighten your self people!!

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