Monday, 7 June 2010

African Gossip Girl

This stunning photo shoot was done by PRIDE magazine. It aims to "Give African prints a high-fashion twist with vintage English styling". I think it succeeds tremendously and just love love love it!

Saw it first on shopliquorice, my new fave fashion blog.

Miss B


  1. Gosh elegant and cute! iLove!

  2. I actually don't really like it. Having tea is such an English tradition that it contrasts too much with the African prints. And the white gloves are weird.

  3. the picture quality perfect
    the styles amazing
    but as asweetcake said
    the gloves are questionable
    tea is not an african thing so maybe a different caption for those awesome pictures would have sufficed

  4. I like it but I think they missed the boat at the same time. Like they could have done the Nigerian version of it instead of simply having black girls wear Nigerian prints at an English tea party. Like how many Nigerians have tea parties and certainly not with China like that. It feels a bit contrived. The work itself is superb, but the idea is hackneyed and uncreative.

  5. And I feel like this is what 90% of the "African Designers" out there today do. They just slap ankara on something that Europeans or Americans have already done or pioneered and then everybody oohs and aahs and says "wow that's so creative" when really it's not.

    They're not actually designing or innovating anything. They're just taking clothing designs that European designers already worked hard to come up with and re-sewing them with a different fabric - in this case - ankara

  6. amazing....after reading sugabelly's second comment, i think i agree with her

  7. sugabelly said it all already!
    i mean they r cool, bt its been done b4

  8. u people are over analysing this thing biko, its cute and very well done, and I actually think it is creative as well.....

  9. I really like it!

    My only issue is that the backdrops are so busy that i can't appreciate the details of the clothes...

    All in all, it is loveliness! :)

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