Saturday 6 March 2010

Random Facebook Messages

Heyy blogsville,
I have something to brigten up your weekend. My friend showed me the message below on facebook, and I decided to do (another) post on the random messages that I get on f.b from these wierd, and may I add grammatically incorrect Nigerian guys in the world! I have copy and pasted them EXACTLY as they have been sent.

"Hello my sweeetieeeeeee.....You have a nice username,I
am 32 years old,I just register into this personals
but just searching for new friends and someone to have
serious relationship and never seen someone am
interested in until I get to look your profile.Your
profile looks so cute,responsible,faithful and i will
like to know you more because something in me is
already telling me that you will be the woman of the dreams.I have
been heart broken several times..I also tried to date again
but I was surprised when I found the Person I called
my love on bed with my best ..friend.
Oh.. I wept like a
baby.Thats why I dont want someone to Play with my
emotions anymore.Please lets be real here even though
we are distance apart but I can easily fly to meet you
wherever you are.I am a young gentle man am into
sales and buying.I am caring honest faithful in love,I
can't promise you that dark clouds will never hover
over our lives or that the future will bring us many
rainbows. I can't promise you that tomorrow will be
perfect or that life will be easy. I can promise you
my everlasting devotion, my loyalty,my respect,and my
unconditional love for a lifetime.I can promise that
I'll always be there for you,to listen and to hold
your hand,and I'll always do my best to make you
happy, and make you feel loved.I can promise that I'll
see you through any crisis,and hope with you,dream
with you,build with you,and always cheer you on and
encourage you.I can promise that I'll share my dreams
my world,and every aspect of my life with you.Here is
little about me below on my profile :

Body Type: avrage
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: black
Education: Graduate Degree
Marital Status: widowed
Smoking Habit: Non-Smoker .
I am online now please add me to your list on blabla@
com.. .
email me on b@yahoo. .email me to send my picture to can call me numb +234......"

"Subject: SWEET BABY!!!

how are you today ,hope u are during well,by the
way,my name is Mr baba, from west
African.precisely Ghana.i read Ur profile and u are
looking beautiful like an angel.i will be glad to
known more about u and your country.if u woud,nt mind this is my
e-mail address or 00233...... ,to hear from u soon.thank

hi there, i couldn,t scroll any longer when i saw ur pics, baby u r pretty, no wonder i av to text to ask if u'll be my friend. Am T and i stay in Ikorodu, Lagos state. I need a friend n that's y i was searching b4 i finally get to ur page."

"Hello Baby........?

How are you doing today? well I am of the hope that you are doing fine. I'm sitting here listening to a wonderful CD by Hikaru Utada called Deep River and writing this letter to you. My name is O.M as you will know, am a very simple honest, sincere, romantic and nice shape too Smile... quite honestly, It has been a day for me when i saw you in face book.Despite that I have not seen you in person, something really give me a nice pleasure to communicate with you. Hope we can make a good friend, cos the best place to be is by the side of a good friend.

I believe that friendship is a gift that is fair in all things. It roots from one's heart and involves memories that stay not for a while but for a lifetime. " My heart welcomes you" Am looking forward to meet a loving, honest and responsible Women. So I wish we could be flowers cos I believe you will appreciate a nice and interesting man in search.

You can reach me with my email and we can chat very well please this is my email address @......

Thank you very much.
Looking forward to meet with you soonest.
Bye for now. "

"hello,ope ur aite babe, i like wat i see in ur profile nd u look really nice i wuld like 2 know u, ur looking very very hot, nd i ope to know u better nd see if we can meet 4 a drink or something it would b fun, trust me, well holla bk @ ur admirer babe luv x"

"really can't say you are not the best have seen on facebook all this while. but the fact is you look very nice and lovable. i saw you on one of my friends page and i was prompted to add you. i actually want to get to meet you in person to see how much nice you would be the more when we get to meet. angel or better still we disclose more fact about our self before we continue. love to hear from you soon ... "

"Wat' up with you my name is S i got you on face book and you are really looking nice God has really done an Extra work on your beauty i hope you dont mind if i get to know you more better and probably stay connected with ya my number is"

Miss B


  1. My Favorite line for today:
    "I am caring honest faithful in love,I
    can't promise you that dark clouds will never hover
    over our lives or that the future will bring us many
    And who told him you were not fine the way you were lol.
    And ahhhh I listen to Hikaru Utada... meeeehhhhn he has sullied my artist's but come to think of it he must be quite broad minded because that is a Japanese artist lol...
    And finally: "my name is Mr baba, from west African."
    LWKMD this just made my weekend. Enough said.

  2. LOL! These people sha

  3. OMG! I couldn't read it to the end....lmao. I like the "Oh..I weep like a baby" maybe i should have his contact

  4. Hheehehehehhehehh!Lo,I can't stop laughing!All on one message..these guys are so tyical upon the many 'tian' they were blowing.. have a nice weekend.. lol..

  5. Its amazing how people could be this creative about their search for a life partner on the internet. Omo mehn... these people no go kill me with laughter o. You sef too fine. lol

  6. lol... jokers....