Monday, 22 February 2010

Jungle Justice

I just saw this video. I think it pretty much speaks for itself. I cried.
My bro thinks its sad but it was the only way to deal with this persitent and dangerous problem of radicalism in northern Nigeria. These people went to shut down the university, burning building and threatining people because they said education was evil. They also went and released people from jail and beat up the police men. They were becoming a menace to innocent civilians and drastic action had to be taken to deter other eager fundamentalists.

I understand the reason why Nigerians in particular and most people, believe in capital punishment and jungle justice. It gets hard for people to keep working hard everyday, suffering daily struggles while others try and rob you of the little you have. Everyone has a breaking point

Anyone who watches this video and does not sympathise must be inhumane. What could these guys have done to get burnt alive and then beaten. I don't believe in capital punishment and believe there are hardly any circumstances that warrant robbing someone of the right to life. At least not for the crimes these people have committed. The people that should really be burnt are sitting in mansions and villas somewhere.

I am a lawyer and so believe in upholding the law, but Unfortunately the Nigerian police and justice system does not work, so its unrealistic to expect people to allow things to go through due process.
It begs the question what are the alternatives?
I don't know the answer to that, but anything is better than this. Anything has to be better than publicly shooting people face down on the street. Anything has to be better than publicly burning people alive slowly.
Anything has to be better.

Miss B


  1. this has ruined my day
    miss b our country is in serious trouble

  2. my dear it ruined my own day too!

  3. this is so cruel.. I was in that vicinity when it occured and wasn't a funny sight.. The capacity in which I was there wasn't exactly safe too so you can imagine.. please.. your attention is needed in my new post.good clarity you gave to your post.

  4. I have seen the first video, the second traumatized me even more. OMG! Is tyre-burning still happening in Nigeria?

  5. I've refused to watch that first video for weeks now, though I have it lined up to go on Nigerian Curiosity.

    The second video, well I had it up last year and it haunts me till this day.

    These images are a consequence of a destruction and lack of respect for the systems we already have in place. The images also stem form the corruption and intolerance our society has engendered for far too long.

    Abeg, let me stop. Naijababe says my comments are always too long so... =)

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