Sunday 28 February 2010

How to Make Lasagne

Heyy blogsville,
I'm sure you can guess what this post is about. Thanks to the movie Julie and Julia I bought loads of recipe books and I've been trying them out. My Nigella Lawson one just arrived, and I cant wait to try it out.
For those that don't know, Lasagne is an Italian dish made from layering sheets of pasta, minced meat, white sauce and cheese. If you have never tried it, its best to try it out in an Italian restaurant first so you know what its supposed to look and taste like before you attempt making yours. In Jand, Pizza Express, Bella Italia, and Zizzis all do excellent Lasagne.

I got my recipe from VideoJug HERE, its a great place to learn new recipes cause they are really basic, and the videos instruct you step by step.

I got the recipe for the bolognase from Gordon Ramsey's website HERE, which I can highly recommend because the mince is the most important part of the dish. The difference with Ramsey's recipe is that he uses tomato puree which makes it rich and adds a bit of milk which makes it creamy, perfect for Lasagne.

I added a bit of chopped red and green peppers to mine, just to give it some body, and because thats how my aunty used to make hers.
I made some mistakes as well. I did not cook the pasta sheets before I used them, as on the pack, it said it could be used dry. Instead of cooking mine in hot salted water as recommended, I just soaked it for a bit, which left the pasta kinda chewy. Also, I used cheddar cheese instead of Parmesan. Big mistake, because cheddar gets so brown really quickly, I had to turn the heat down low in order for it not to burn, so definately stick with grated parmesan.
Regardless of this, it was so so delish, and I would recommend the Dolmino Bolognase sauce, as it was so rich and creamy.

I hope you guys try it out and let me know what you think. A friend of mine tried out my previous recipe and loved it, so even if just one person tries it, it makes me so happy:-))

And don't think I have forgotten my task to watch all the Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars on March 7th. I try and watch a movie a night, but thanks to work I tend to be too tired most weekdays. But I wont let you down, I will post who I think should be the winners on the 6th, so we can judge how accurate the judges are!lol

Miss B.


  1. Thanks! I love lasagne but not very good at making it so this helps:)

  2. u actually dont need to boil the lasagne sheets beforehand u can use it raw like dat, it jus means keepin it in the oven longer...further y dnt u go a step further by making ur own bechamel (white sauce), its easy an it'll tast better...this is jus milk, flour and cheese...

    if ur making a lil romantic dinner add some red wine to the mince, to add abit more zing to ur meal....serve with some garlic bread, and salad dressed in lemon and vinegarette sauce.....mehn i miss my days cooking up a storm at

    urs looks yummy tho!!

  3. I love Lasagne but I never tried it. I usually reserve it for when we eat out at an italian place. I think I will give it a try this time. I have all the ingredients, except the sauce. Hmm, we'll see.

  4. Gurl ur Lasagne looks guuuudddd. My campus dining hall has damaged the repute i had for it. I can't try it out of fear of how they made it look. But i fink i'll try it in an Italian restaurant t overcome my fear... lol.

  5. I keep paying a family friend to prepare it, guess I'd just brave up and prepare it.. Thanks for this!
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    Thank you so very much

  6. Haven't made lasagna in a super long time. Might have to do it soon. You've inspired me =)

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