Sunday 20 September 2009

500 days of Summer.....

heyy blogsville,
I know, I know I have been m.i.a. I never thought I would say this but I think I am becoming an adult. I have had so much on mind, number one of which is unemployment and the fear thereof. Application forms are boring, hard, long and sooo monotonous. But I can't complain yet cause I still have the grad applications to do, which have these timed tests that I am terrible at. And the worst part of these are the rejections. Sigh! Thus the reason I have been away from blogsville, and yes I know you have missed me, the feeling is definatly mutual!!

Anyway to more exciting stuff, the title of this post is the name of this movie I saw yesterday.

If you guys have not seen this movie, I suggest you do. It is the best rom-com I have seen this summer, considering that me and my friends have seen so many crap ones,(e.g 21 dresses-shitest rom-com ever), we had sadly started giving up on this genre!
Ok what I love about this movie is that the xters are sooo well explored. I mean I know a guy just like the lead guy, and I kinda know a girl like summer--me! Maybe this is why I love it so much. The babe is a free spirit, even though she is a bit of a bitch(unlike me of course)!
But the best part of the movie(if you havn't seen it stop reading now cause I am about to ruin it)---is the end when she tells him why she doesnt want to committ, and be his girlfriend. She basically says I thought I didnt believe in love and would never commit but I didnt believe in love with YOU and couldn't commit to YOU!
OMG genuis!! I had an epiphany at that moment!
I know you guys are thinking errr.....kini big deal right??
But you have to see the movie to get it. Ok so after he's crazy in love with her, and she claims she doesnt believe in relationships and monogamy etc, she goes and marries this next guy she meets in 5 seconds! And we all know of at least one couple that have been dating for ages, and as soon as they break up, you are getting an invite to one of their weddings to some randomer!!

And so it clicked! Sometimes someone seems perfect for you. They have all the qualities you desire and most important they are CRAZY about you, but you just dont feel that "connection", the x-factor, the buzz, whatever it is that makes you blush when you think of the person or makes you smile when you see sheep, or makes you laugh when you hear a paticular song! And the feelings have to be MUTUAL! Naija females especially always say that its better to have someone who is crazy over you, than someone who you are crazy over. While this is true to some extent, there has to be a level of mutuality. Once it is as one sided as it was in this movie, i.e you are completely infatuated and head over heels and this other person is "just there" then its best to RUN. Like lauren in the hills says, Love is not a "maybe" thing, you have to feel you are giving as good as you are getting.

In conclusion go and see this movie! If you dont love it then you suck! lol

Meanwhile I am looking forward to thses rom-com's starring every star on the planet. Should be good.



  1. I stumbled here last week. Love your blog and the cash/credit series are just shacking my system, read everything in the middle of one random night; The story is deep. Ur friend sb is good.

    500 days of summer... will watch whenever I get a hold.

  2. Aww thank you, just checked out ir blog as well and I trez trez adore!!!Make sure you come back!! xoxo