Wednesday 23 September 2009


Senile--showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning, esp. short-term memory and alertness, as a result of old age

Hello blogsville,

I bet you are wondering what the title of my post means. Well it basically means old age. I am getting old. I know you are thinking how can a 21yr old think shes getting old, but it is not from my age, it is in the changes I have noticed about myself. I seem to be entering a new phase of my life which is probably why I think its old age. Here are some of the examples:

Comfort over Style- A year or even 6months back, this would have been blasphemous. But lately I have noticed that if somthing is not comfortable, I am less likely to buy it, or wear it if I already own it. I just cant be bothered. This is especially for shoes. I love heels even though I have never been great at walking in them for ages, they are just gorge to look at, esp sky high stilletos. I still love my heels, but now I only go for chunky heels with a platform front so it supports you. For example topshop latest collection of shoes are superbly sexy but soo ridiculously high!!

I have been admiring these on diff people at diff occassions but I just cannot be bothered to be uncomfortable. The same goes with clothes, if i have to keep adjusting it the whole night, or its so tight I know I cannot eat dinner to fit into it then I'll just allow it!! LOL. OMG who am I turning into??

Sleeping During a Movie- Yes I said it. I now sleep during movies. Ok I am sure you all know I love sleep. But lately as soon as I put on a movie and I will start dozzing off. Only Nigerian movies used to have this effect on me, but now it can be anything. Worse still, this year I fell asleep in the cinema with my friend!!! Ok so we both got back from work during my placement in London and decided to go and see Valkyrie just cause of Tom Cruise. OMG how many ways can you say DULL, there was absolutely no action, no hitler, no killing or blood or nothing, just talk talk talk for like 45mins. Ok so my friend started dozing off next to me and I started laughing at her, but next thing I knew I thought I'd put my head on her shoulders and by the time we woke up, they were finally trying to assasinate Hitler instead of just talking about it, so we actually didnt miss anything..LOL!
Bottom line is I love movies and my curiosity to get to the end always keeps me glued(unless its Nollywood), and so I have taken this to mean old age has set in. Just yesterday, I was watching this movie called the Lazarus Project starring Paul Walker(dt guy's career is finished if he continues starring in films like this) and I fell asleep. Its an ok movie, its not enough to keep you hooked, or maybe this is me making excuses for being a granny!

Partying-I am really putting up my dancing shoes and retiring from my party riding days. Notice that I said retiring, I have not completely turned into a granny yet, and do enjoy a night out once in a while with my friends. But lately, I have changed the kind of places I like to go to. Firstly, I will rarely will be bothered to go out unless theres an event happening or we are celebrating something, unlike back in first year when me and my crazy roomate would go in2 any building as long they played something that resembles music and sold drinks, men we once went out for 2 weeks straight and still attended all our lectures at 9.30 in the morning!! When my friend from the States came over, she kept on dissing me cause I always had to be dragged/forced/blackmailed into going out!!

Secondly, if there is no Nigerian music being played, it will be really hard for me to be bothered to go, the crowd has to be mature as I cannot deal with over-zealous, drunk, slutty looking british teenagers anymore. Worst still, I find myself looking at ladies like OMG what is she wearing? isnt that too tight, OMG I can see most of her boobs, (wondering if i offer her my scarf to cover up would she be offended??) and for the guys I cannot bare to see, over-dressed, sunshade wearing, bottle poppin attention seeking dudes anymore. I even find myself shaking head for them like, OMG dey are so sad, is every song be your fave song and dya really have to dance on the table.??? Tut, tut, shaking my head like a granny!! And since these people are usually guranteed at partys, I'd rather just sit at home with friends, eat ice-cream and watch Gossip girl!! I am just not bothered anymore!

It is confirmed-I am now OLD!! Sigh!

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