Friday 3 September 2010

Trip to Edinburgh

Heyy blogsville,
I am back!!! Took a trip to Scotland for the Edinburgh festival after years of wanting to go!

And I loved it!

So worth the hype. Edinburgh is beautiful, very picturesque, and Scottish people are much nicer than English people! They are also very proud of their history and love to saw "wee" before and after everything!
The shopping compares to central london, but has a less stuck up vibe. During the festival, there are loads of "hippies" playing music on the street, doing stand-up comedy, fire eating, walking ropes, juggling and acting, all trying to make it!

Then there are religious fanatics saying that the end of the world is coming on 12-12-2012!!!

It was a great day! I then went up to Aberdeen which is the "granite" city as all the buildings are made from it, making everywhere look grey! The beach was beautiful but really coldddd! Oh and there are loads of Nigerian students there because it is the oil capital of Europe.

All in all, had an amazing time, and I would recommend you all put it on your list of places to visit before you die.

Haggis-a Scottish dish made from sheep's intestines. It felt and looked gross but tasted kinda like sausage.

By Miss B


  1. glad u had a great time, im sure the weather was great...esp this week

  2. its soo beautiful. and i was abt to ask u if that was dog poop on a plate..lmao.
    glad u had fun

  3. ah babe that Haggis thing wasn't exactly funny o! So people dey chop that kind thing? lol Nice to know you had fun!!!