Thursday 26 August 2010


I never wanted to be one of those sparse bloggers, here today, gone tomorrow. But I have been swamped. I am on training for my new job in Milton Keynes so I stay at a hotel with very limited access to the internet. Add that to constant studying, tests, assessments and working on Saturdays, I have no time for myself!! Sigh! This whole working world thing is not easy at all.

Anyway I cannot complain.........Yet!

It is the month of Ramadan at the moment, so I am fasting, and trying to purge myself! Its a blessing that we never have to think about lacking in food. I am truly blessed.

Unfortunately, this is a reality for millions of people in Pakistan who are in a humanitarian crisis because of the massive flooding all over the country. I don't think people realise the scale of the disaster. It is double the calamity of Haiti but is not getting half the attention which is such a shame. I guess it is because it is in "that part of the world" like my cousin says. For some reason this disaster has really saddened me. I have been encouraging all my friends to donate in anyway they can.

If you can please donate to Every Little Helps.

Miss B


  1. been a while,was beginning to wonder how your doing.
    the Pakistan situation is so sad..

  2. It's really sad what's happening in Pakistan. Take care of you and see you soon.

  3. Happy Ramadan..
    Happy fr you and your job..
    Share your sentiments about Pakistan..
    Too bad no one's interested enough to publicize it..

  4. Your in Milton Keynes, wow to think that i may have seen u without knowing. Anyways i checked out the site and Ill try to raise as much awareness as i can.

  5. Thank God your back, yea the pakistan thing is bad. But biko post Northern Prince 12. Haba, why the suspense now? I will fight you oh.