Monday 27 September 2010

Stuck in the Lift

Heyy blogsville,
I have to give you all gist of what I did with my friday night. I live on the 5th floor of a block of flats and was going down to get my friend. It normally only takes like 3 minutes to go down and back up again. But not today!

I went down in my ankara boubou that I wear around the house (with no bra on by the way!!), and bathroom slippers, so I looked like a tramp to be honest! As I was rushing down, a voice in my head said take your phone just in case, but I was like no need. I ran into the lift and hit ground floor, as I have done a million times. I was checking my reflection in the mirror and all of a sudden.....


The lift got stuck.

It was so sudden and loud my heart literally jumped into my mouth. Then the voice in the lift kept saying "doors opening" a thousand times over. This is not the worst part. Worse still, the lift kept trying to go down. So I was stuck in a lift that kept moving up and landing with a massive BOOM!! every 10 seconds!

At first I thought it would eventually go down but after 2 minutes of this horrifying ride, I pushed the emergency button.

The instructions for the emergency button said press for 5 seconds and an operator will respond. Omo you girl pressed this button die, for a good 20 minutes and no one answered. At this point I started to feel like I was in a horror movie.

I had to call out for help because I was so close to the ground floor that I could hear people. Luckily my friend who had been waiting for me downstairs heard me and alerted the security guard.

The security guard had no clue who the emergency button was supposed to go to. So I was waiting in the lift as he was trying to find the emergency protocol for the lift. After another 10 minutes of cluelessness, he calls the fire brigade.

When the fire brigade arrived, they say because this is the second time the lift is breaking down, the building has to pay for their services. The security guard is reluctant to sign for it and has to make some calls. As they are trying to sort this out, I am stuck in this crazy lift that doesn't stop moving, and yelling "doors opening" ten times a minute.

Finally the fire brigade start using some machine to push the lift down. They could only open the door half way, and the fireman had to come and "rescue" me.

I was stuck in the lift for about two hours. I don't need to explain that it was one of the longest two hours of my life! I walked up and down, sat, laughed, cried, prayed and even started singing at one point. Now I understand why people get claustrophobic! It gets so cold in the lift because its all steel and after a while you start to feel short of breath. An absolute Nightmare. When I finally came out, I just burst into tears cause it got really overwhelming.

The only up-side was the fireman who rescued me. SMOKINGGGG HOTT!!!! is the only way to describe him. His arms were huge and toned, he had the sexiest voice, he almost made it worth being stuck in d lift! ;-0

So blogsville, that was my ordeal. Safe to say I will never look at lifts the same again!

On the plus side all my fave shows are back on t.v, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, X-factor, Entourage, Two and a half men, How I met your mother and Modern Family(best show on t.v at the moment). I'm just waiting for The Big Bang theory and I am complete! Oh and I want to start watching Mad Men cause everyone says it's really good. Do you guys have any recommendations for me??

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Have a blessed week and safe journeys in any lifts you may enter!


Miss B


  1. Wow, that was some scary ass experience, but for the fireman of course, :). Glad it didn't pass like that sha.

    Yay for fall/winter shows. Have you heard of Parenthood and Undercover, I just got into them. Modern Fam is as hilarious as ever. Check out Brothers and Sisters too.

  2. wow... that's an experience and a half. sanu ko?

  3. Girl na God save you o,! I was picturing the story in my head and was saying...thank God for delivering you o...girl, do thanksgiving, if na for Naija, you don die be

    Anyways...Yeah to all our favorite shows back on TV, you know am all for anything interesting...ANTM (America's next top model is back)...check it out! I watched desperate housewives last nite and it was the best thing, so happy that it is back on tv, also you can watch the real housewives of Atlanta, coming in October, dancing with the stars is back with brandy...girl too much to mention...fall rocks

    Thank God you are alrigh! Hugs!

  4. Thank God you were heard. Ive had similar experiences but the lift was opened in less than 10 mins... I did not panic cos I knew the operators were around and the alarm sounded. Funnily both happened in the same building :)

  5. wow, that is craxy..thank God you were rescued

  6. Wow! some experience!
    I like the title though. Lets make a movie out of your experience:

    Stuck in the lift Part 1! Grab your copy NOW!!!

  7. o my! what an ordeal.. lol i was going to say hope he the fire man was hot! pele o. I'll think twice now before going on a lift. but i hate the thought that the emergency buttons in a lift might not work!

  8. Elevator stopping - mind numbing
    Going up and down- downright scary
    Stuck in a box for 2 hours - terrifying
    Being rescued by a smoking hot firefighter - priceless.

  9. That must have been a harrowing ordeal. pele oo. So has that put you off elevators yet?

  10. I know i'm late on this but thank God you were rescued safely. Phew.

    One thing i can never get enough of whenever i'm in "trouble" is being saved by a smoking hot firefighter or police officer. I swear, it's so amazing..

    A few years back, i was making dinner at home and i cut my finger really bad. I was crying like hell because it hurt. My dad sha said i should call 911, which i did. I tell ya, a few minutes later, the beautiful specimen of men that walked into our house that day, kai, it made all the pain go away. I couldn't stop blushing.