Friday 16 April 2010

Welcome to Lagos

I saw the documentary Welcome to Lagos tonight and I loved it. Here is the preview:

It was so touching. There is this part where one of the guys talks about how his mother abandoned him when he was young and he was just shifted from various family members just like a burden. He said he never felt wanted and had someone to hold him like a mother would. It was so so touching.
He has a family and the way he shows love for them by working so hard to provide nearly moved me to tears. When he says here is my little daughter, future Miss World I was touched by his optimism and devotion to his family. In the end he has a little birthday party to celebrate his child's first birthday and it is such a happy moment. I loved it.
It showed both the good and bad side and painted a realistic picture of what life in Lagos and anywhere in Nigeria is like.

You can watch it on BBC Iplayer below:

Miss B


  1. Loved it too, but many seem to disagree with me.

  2. I can't watch that from here but it seems the reviews are generally positive. I disagree with the title for now, maybe the later episodes will change my mind.

  3. I absolutely loved it ...!!!