Friday 23 April 2010


I am sure most of you have heard the terrible news that Yoruba rapper Dagrin aka Emilomo Lan, CEO of Miosofunyin Entertainment passed away earlier today. I am so so saddened by this news as I am a HUGE fan of Dagrin, and have been for a long time.

What hurts me the most is that I have been meaning to do an article on break out stars of 2010 about him, Nneka, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz for a while now, and I have just been procastinating as usual. This WAS HIS YEAR!
I cannot stress how HUGE a fan I am of him, all my friends were starting to say I have found my new 9ice. I love people that rap in local languages as it gives it a great flavour.
Actually, one of my twitter updates a couple of weeks back was "I think I officially own Dagrins songs just waiting for him to release some more". He was one of those artists who sounds great on other peoples tracks because he always brings a certain raw edge to it, which is why he was so in demand.

He was a lyrical genius as well, so gifted with sending across raw life lessons and telling his life stories, on a mad beat and packaging it as a "party song".

His best song WITHOUT QUESTION is Ghetto Dream ft Sossick, the title track of his album below:

It tells of his life struggles and the different dreams he had to leave the ghetto. For those who do not understand Yoruba, here is what the song is saying:

Verse 1
There have been countless times that I have gotten up and fallen down
Countless people have called me useless
Countless clubbing where I could not afford one red bull
Countless coloured t-shirts but only one red shoe
Countless witches and bad belle people
Countless times I played free shows
Countless times people have told me to give up, told me I am local and my way isnt hip-hop
But I was determined and I was focused
That is why my name has spread like staphylococus
Countless troubles, countless insults, countless times I have eaten concoction without no salt
Countless times I slept dreaming of being a celebrity, when I wake up I continue my hustle on the street
Its a pity, when will I be able to buy an Infinity or Amanda, to invite you all to ride

Verse 2
I have a dream to live in Aja as my resident
I have a dream to be Nigeria's president
The money they get is what encourages me
The curses people reign on them is what discourages me
I have a dream to be a pastor or priest
But I cannot stop drinking and smoking
I have a dream to be like pastor Chris
But I am carried away by the "effizy" of Ludacris
I have a dream to be smart like Wole Soyinka
But the problem is these ladies seem to distract me
I have a dream to go to school and be a professor
But lack of money stopped me, like bus at its stop
I had a dream to play football like Kaka
Maybe someday they can sign me to Barca
But everytime there was training they would need money
And at that time my pocket was empty

The words sound 100 times as better in yoruba and flow poetically. DEEP STORIES OF STRUGGLE.

Another song of his I love is Thank God with Omawunmi.

His feature on Champion by Pype is outstanding, where he calls him self "Barack O'Grin"(He seemed to have an obsession with Obama, but who doesnt?)

The first song I ever heared him on was on KSB's Turn me Around with Sheyman, I loveddd him on this, and the line where he says "God I want to drive a bently, and have money like Mike Adenuga, all the things you have done for me are not enough, its not that I am greedy, but you said we should as and we shall recieve" Genius:

He has a number of features, but Pon Pon Pon is his first official video from his debut album Chief Executive Omoata(CEO) which recently dropped.

And of course his most popular song KONDO! The song that took him from a wannabe to a true club banger. The most popular chorus this year:
"Mumy has gone to the market, Dady has gone to Lokoja, my siblings have gone out, I;m the only one at home, come and get some KONDO( which means "batton or stick" literally but I am sure you get where he's
How many guys have invited girls to come and get some Kondo because of this probably countless......

It is not often that we hear rags to riches stories in Nigeria, where hard work actually pays off, but Dagrin showed that anyone can do it, as long as they are persistent and talented. He created his own unique style, flowing in Yoruba, one of the very few rappers today that do that. He did not imitate anybody and this is what lead him to success. I am so deeply hurt by his tragic and untimely death, especially at the height of his success. As you can tell I am a big fan.

May his soul rest in eternal rest, and may his music live on.


Miss B


  1. saw this Guy with KK and D1 in the program Prime time Jamz about a month ago. and i said to my self atleast i see another original comtemporay nigeria artist in the same par wit 9ice. RIP. Respect.

  2. This really sad.
    I am too, after my friend's call yesterday about him.
    Not known him for long.
    Really horrible.

  3. reading this brought tear to my eyes. I loved this guy

  4. Too sad and he was soo young as well. RIP omo Naija!

  5. Awww, this is a touching tribute. Thanks for sharing. I'm not a big fan but it is painful to lose such a young talent. May his soul rest in peace.