Monday 26 April 2010

Cooking and Dodo Ikire

Heyy blogsville,
So its been a while since I did a post on cooking. I was supposed to go to Nigeria for a few days but my flight got cancelled thanks to the stupid volcanic ash so I have had a bit of free time on my hands. And when I am bored, I COOK (and eat, but that's a different story for another day!)
As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the movie Julie and Julia encouraged me to buy a bunch of cook books and I have been trying them out. Here are some pics of things I have recently cooked:

Salmon Fish Cakes

Strawberry and Almond Cake

KFC Style Chicken

Which of these would you like the recipe for? I will tell you the recipe for making the one with the most votes. They are all tasty, although some are more challenging than others!

The recipe I would like to share today is one I saw on African Pot on T.V. It is called Dodo Ikire. It originates from the town of Ikire in Osun state and as I am sure you can tell is made from plantain aka "dodo". It is very similar to the ghanian Kelewele which is also fried chopped spiced plantain.

The ingredients are 1)overly ripe plantain, preferably turning black so its very sweet.
2)Palm Oil 3) Onion 3) Chilli Peppers(Ata Rodo)4)Salt to taste

1)Blend the onions and peppers until smooth and fry in the palm oil
2) Chop the plantain in cubes and season with salt
3)When the onions are dissolved, fry the plantain in the oil until black, not brown, but black almost burnt. This gives it that very sweet sticky toffee taste. The sweetness, saltiness and peppers give it a very unique combination of flavours that I did not know could be achieved with plantains.

This recipe is VERY fattening, and all that frying in palm oil will soon give you a heart attack so I definitely do not recommend it eaten all the time!! When you do though, the taste is worth that extra 15mins on the tredmill!

Miss B


  1. I ate dodo ikire for the 1st time in dec 09. Lol

  2. LOL.. will definitely try that one.... cholesterol alert...LOL

  3. i miss eating i know how to make it

  4. I've never eaten Dodo Ikire, will surely give it a try. Share the recipe for your cake, I make pound cake with almonds but usually grated.

  5. This post can teach one ojukokoro. hahaa. YAY for dodo Ikire. I am proud to say I have eaten it before. How about Akara Osu? haha

    - LDP

  6. Abeg how u take do the chicken?

  7. love the meatpie, send my share here. Thanks for sharing, dodo ikire, wow ...never even heard of such before, as long as it has plantain, girl am eating it.

  8. Pls give the recipe for the cake, the kfc style chicken and the pies. Thanks a lot, i made ur baked potato and tuna recipe but i used sardines instead and it was amaazing!!!!

  9. I haven't made meat pie in a long time. That plantain ... heart clogging but good.

  10. your blog is simply what i have been looking for for a long time! it is just refreshing and you write well too, plus i love food and you put your recipes on line.... i am impressed!!! Loving the northern prince by the way.. good work.. blogwise.. i am inspired :)

  11. thnxx.. I use to lovee dodo ikire when i was kid.. definitely going to make this.. :)

  12. I have known and eaten Kelewele (also known as Tatale) in Ghana, but never realised that Dodo Ikire is pretty much the same thing. Thanks.

    Does anyone know what Mossa (or is it Mosa) is made of; I loved that as a child growing up in Suru-Lere, Lagos, it also being very sweet.