Friday 17 July 2009

ReBirth Handbags

Anyone who knows Miss B, SB and myself, would also know how much we LOVE!! handbags .From Miss B’s first coach bag, to SB’s DKNY in sixth form, next to shoes I personally think handbags are a girls best friend. Handbags can completely change a casual tank top on a pair of jeans from boring casual to chic fab. So it only made sense that our second feature interview be with an up and coming handbag designer.

Funmi Adeyeri is a talented designer that makes a gyal just want to hyperventilate at her gorgy bags!!!!!!. On Saturday the 4th of July 2009, Adeyeri launched her new collection of handbags with a tasteful show at TerraKulture Victoria Island. These handbags speak of a gracefulness and style beyond the designer's years. From the ethnic reminiscent Renee to the urban chic Elsa,
each bag sent a message across. Like a chameleon they were both sensual, elegant and practical all in one . Each bag represented the different lifestyles and need of your every day woman.

Adeyeri presented women with a new staple piece for both your average daytime look to your classy nite time look.
Funmi Adeyiri

The collection displayed a high level of creativity and exquisite taste. Each bag tells its own personal story with its handmade premium quality Italian leathered exterior to the exquisite linen of the interior . The various handbags each hold a personal piece of the designer through their names which were gotten from Adeyeri’s list of favourite names.

I can not over emphasise the quality of the craftsmanship with these bags. Simply put the bags were just simply FABOULOUS!!!!! To attest to this there is a 3 month waiting list for the bags, but I assure you the wait is well worth it. As we all know there is no time line for a timeless piece of accessory and the ReBirth collection is definitely timeless. To end this I would like to quote the words of Adeyeri whilst describing Handbags.

“A bag defines a woman, it becomes a part of her. An object of love and desire that holds her world” Funmi ADEYERI

After a bit of a hassle from lagos communication , I was able to have a brief interview with the very warm Miss Adeyeri. Enjoy ……..

LC: Thanks for making time out after such a busy day lastnite.
FA: No worries ,its my pleasure.
LC: So ill go straight to the drill and try and keep it brief. Who is Funmi Adeyeri?
Funmi Adeyeri is a designer.
LC: What made you become a designer?
FA: I always knew I would become a designer. I have had a very strong love for the Leather skin from my early childhood years. Following my university degree and securing a job as a project manager at IBM it wasn’t too long when I realized my life was missing out on self fulfillment.
Soon after, I enrolled for a course in leather craft at the London school of fashion. Throughout the course I was able to learn from the best on the fundamentals of leather craft; how to penetrate several markets and what it takes to gain sustainable advantage in competitive markets such as the Nigerian market

LC: Did you go through any professional training?
FA: Yes, I took a full time course in leather craft at London School of Fashion.

LC: I just have to ask, why handbags? As opposed to the more popular line of fashion clothes?
FA: What can I say that’s my niche, it’s my passion; I absolutely ENJOY designing and creating BAGS; the finished products become my babies because I watched them grow from their raw form. Also my creative clock is constantly ticking when it comes to bag ideas, concepts and designs.
Maybe ReBirth would diversify into clothes in the future, who knows,but that’s a MAYBE.....

LC: How do you see the handbag market in Nigeria?
FA: Penetration is really hard because as we know Nigerians love their named/Couture bags. However I think the secret to breaking such a market is producing a product that has its own unique selling point.
Ask yourself why they would rather buy a ReBirth bag and not a Louis Vuitton, what type of buyers am I targeting, what are the best ways of promoting your brand. You would realize that once these questions have been answered it becomes easy to create a product that sells itself in Nigeria.

LC: Speaking with you I can tell you are very driven.What motivates you? What pushes you to keep striving for higher heights?
FA: I believe it’s my constant desire as a young Nigerian designer, to create something new and fresh for the global market and most importantly the deep passion for what I do

LC: I can definitely see that passion. However how hard was it to produce in retail quantity?
FA: It’s a lot of hard work and great attention to detail. Initially I personally made and sold bags in retail quantity, I still do. However following several activities one of which is the launch in Nigeria which was a huge success thanks to my wonderful team, my bags are receiving enormous acceptance/orders from the public i.e wholesalers. With that I have had to employ a team of European craftsmen to assist in bag production

LC: What do you thinks sets your handbags apart from other bags available in the market?
FA: Unlike several bags in today’s market, ReBirth bags are individually handmade and sport a classy, unique design. Pure shapes and unmistakable cuts are trademarks of my collection and also the fact that all the bags in my collection are timeless and will be a source of envy for many seasons to come. I spent a lot of my time on the drawing board sketching designs for my collection. These designs appeal to all kinds of women, tailored to comfort and timeless longetivity.

LC: Ok OK, enough with the marketing…we are all besotted with your bags ,how can we get our greedy claws on a Pair, now this question is for both indigenous residence and also clients abroad?
FA: We should have a list of ReBirth stockist in Nigeria and UK placed on the website soon for anyone who wants access to one the bags.
The website is
Also our contact number is Nigeria: +234 (0) 702 614 7763 UK: +44 (0) 208 845 5750

LC: Finally do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
FA: FOLLOW YOU HEART, LIVE YOUR DREAM PRAY HARD and most importantly believe in you

We at naijadaydreamer have constantly stressed the need for understanding your craft as a necessity for success in whatever you do. Funmi has displayed this understanding and passion through her line and we hope she achieves the success she desires. For any further information on the ReBirth collection please contact:

Miss LC


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