Tuesday 13 November 2012

Male Interviews: Opinion 1

Hello blog world,
A friend of mine told me about a recently divorced couple in Lagos, both under 30 and it really got me curious. It seems everyday people are getting married but an equal amount are breaking up. But you do not post pictures of the divorce on Bella or BBM. A bunch of my guy friends have been getting married or are engaged and it occurred to me that that there were some questions I had always wanted to know. So I interviewed an array of them from varied backgrounds to ask questions that we really need to know.
I will put up a different person's everyday so please comment and let me know what you think or if you want to participate.

Here is my 30 year cousin who recently got married.

1) Tell me what does a man look for in a girlfriend and how does it differ 4rm what he looks for in a wife?

A girlfriend is someone you date and get to know, someone you have fun with spend time with and don't really have any serious commitment or ties to. It differs from a wife because you future is shared with a wife, your goals, dreams and aspirations both personally and professionally. Your wife is your best friend and the one who will pick you up when you are down.

2) Is there a marriage age for a guy and if so what is it?

Personally there should be no marriage age for anyone, Marriage age is a fabrication of society as is weight and style. The only thing that matters is when you and your partner are ready. The only catch is children. I decide to marry before 30 so I could have children early and be in a good age range with them as they get older.

3)How did/do you know your babe is the one?

You are never sure someone is "the one" you have to trust your gut and go with what god says. Many people say they fell like they married their soul mate, well what about the others that didn't and are still happy.

4)What are your views on divorce?

Divorce happens, there is no doubt about it sometimes two people were never meant to be, or they grow apart. It unfortunately is something that happens, however I think people use it as their crutch.

5)Why do you think divorce is alot more common today especially in younger people?

The reason for this is divorce is the greatest excuse to quit something. People today are more educated and less patient and would rather walk away due to foolish pride than stay and fight. Love is dead and pride and individualism killed it. When people are so sure that after 3 months a divorce is the ideal thing to do, how can anything last. The media has also glorified divorce, look around at the rate of celebrity divorce that is show to us, nobody ever explains what really happened or if they tried to work on it, they just state the divorce is final. It is simple people would rather quit than to fight hard for something, what does it say about society?

6) do you think your parents marriage or divorce influences your decisions in picking your wife or your marriage?

Yes it absolutely does, everyone wants a life better than their parents, so if you come from a divorce home or a successful home you will always want better (not to be divorced and a better marriage). Nothing is perfect but your decisions and influences are based on your experiences.

7) So dya think women are less tolerant nowadays or men are less resistant to change?

I think both. Woman today want the glamour and worship bestowed upon them like their mothers but don't want to do the work like their mothers did, and men want a woman who is obedient and submissive, but won't treat her well enough when she is. Society is absolutely backwards, Woman are quick to run and try to do it themselves and men are quick to push them out the door as there are more options.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Miss B


  1. Interesting perspective, though I notice on divorce he never said what he would do if he is the one involved :)

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