Friday 27 November 2009

Food Without Meat??? Ridiculous!!!

Heyy blogsville,

I have been without internet for a while so blogging has become so difficult! But anyway I had to top-up my mobile broadband to ask you guys this question:

Can you guys voluntarily eat food without meat?? Ok firstly when I say meat, I mean beef, chicken, fish or any other form of protein. And secondly this does not refer to Nigerians, because the who topic started from two of my best friends, one from Sri Lanka and the other from Barbados, so you see this is an international topic! lol

Ok so it all started when my Caribbean friend came to visit me, and she had told me to make her Jollof Rice cause she loves it. So before she came, I had started making it but I had not defrosted any chicken, so I thought, nah, it doesnt matter we'll just have the jollof rice with some coleslaw.

MENN BIG MISTAKE! She was like WHAT?? How can you make food without any meat?? How can we eat it?? It wont work oh! Then my brother and b.f come in to eat as well while we were having the argument, and they were like Bukky are you making sense?? How could you make j.rice of all things without any meat??

So GET THIS- even though the jollof rice was ready and we are all starving, these carnivores make me defrost chicken, boil and roast it before we could eat!!

So I decided to look into this issue, and I did survey of about 15 of my friends from different backgrounds, and they all said the same thing........why would you want to eat food without meat by choice?
During my research my Sri Lankan friend happen to mention that she got pissed off cause she wanted to go for an Islamic dinner, but they were only serving vegetarian food, and she got so pissed saying: "how can you charge £20 for food without meat?? It just wrong based on principles!!"

OMG I fell off the bed with laughter, because she said it with so much anger! I could not even argue with her cause she looked like she would bitchslap me if I tried! When I told other people this as well, they were like Ofcourse shes right, even with £2 you can get food with meat, so why would you pay so much for just veggies?? Mchewww

I found this so hilarious because I would pay £20 for a salad sef, talkmore of a vegetarian meal! I am not a fussy eater at all, so I can eat anything at anytime. For example, my bajan friend always has to have a meal for dinner, i.e carbs, protein n veggies, while I could just have cereal and toast, or celery and humous, or a sandwhich and I am good. I dont know why I am like this, because at home we always have food with some sort of meat, even breakfast was always yam with fishstew, bread with egg, potato with cornedbeef and even cereal with chicken. There is no point where we do not have a dead animal in our freezer!

Even S.B said that if I want a quick divorce, I should serve my mother-in-law food without meat and rest assured the divorce is on its way! LOL!
I also discovered that alot of people find it quite insulting for you to offer food without any meat, and feel the need to apologize if there is none.

But the most general reason is that as children, we are brought up to look forward to the meat, almost like the reward for eating the meal. S.B still has to eat her fries before the chicken nuggets because she just cannot eat the meat first out of re-enforced upbringing. In most homes, you cannot eat the meat and not finish the food, if you are not hungry, then no meat for you!

Why do so many people have this mentality? I find it so intriguing because I can go a whole week without eating any meat. I think i have found the topic of my PHD thesis......,,LOL


Pictures Courtsey of Alhaji's Food Blog

Miss B


  1. damn dose alhaji's cuisines' dishes look mad yummy.

    i had the convo with my french and tunisian friends too, food without meat is not welcoming jo. esp, if u have guests

  2. Mehn forget that side o. I can't eat jollof rice without any meat. Na beans? There must be some kind of meat there o

  3. well, I guess I'm part of that tiny minority who'd rather have veggies than meat. Hell, I'd rather have veggies than carbs even! Yeah, I'm a fake-Nigerian, tell me something I don't know. For real though, I don't really see the oh-so-wonderful thing about meat, especially beef...

  4. Babe, this your picture is doing me big thing oh..
    Sitting here at work wondering how I can swallow another sandwich for lunch and I see all this naija goodness…haba, have mercy on a sister...

    I also seem to keep the meats till the end of the meal, then I realise there is plenty meat so no

    A friend visited from naija and we mistakenly entered a vege place cos we were very hungry after drinking all night, at first we thought the meat tasted funny then we realised it was soy thingy, not real meat..babe, we couldn't eat any more..we were so pained, vexed, angry…how dare they charge us money for food without meat?? We ended up getting some chicken wings from mc donalds…

    So…No, we want meat with our food, unless its cereal…but even with cereal!!!!!

  5. Well it depends where I am. I can eat food without meat but I will not willingly do it. I always leave the meat till the end too. It's just our tradition. Don't allow a PETA member to find this post oh Miss B. They do not appreciate animals in freezers!

  6. I cannot eat food without meat! Like why would you do that, you wont have anything to look forward to at the end of the meal!

  7. Please give me my meat sha, the more the merrier. LOL...

  8. Lol were those pictures really necessary?!?!?!!! Damn now I'm hungry!!

    I can eat food without meat but not voluntarily, no. If I had the choice, I'll take my meat and yours too, thanks.

  9. LOOOOL, u guys r too funny, what do u guys think is the reason for humans love of meat?? and hw long can u guys go without eating meat???

  10. No meat is rough play oooo! No allow ur husband drive u commot house beause u serve am 'food without meat!' You for just talk say food no dey house!

    The more the meat, the more satisfying the food is at the end for me. Unless it is a meal that is not normally made/served with meat, in which case, meat can still be served as a chewy on the side. for instance bread and fried chicken is soooo damnn tastyyy!

    Even the cave men hunted animals for food and used the skin for clothes so the matter of eating meat don teyyyyy!lol I can prolly go a day or two without meat but i can assure you by the end of day 2, adverse withdrawal symptoms will surface!!!lol

  11. I'm more or less like you-don't see the big deal in eating meat. Yeah i said it!