Thursday 22 October 2009


Heyy blogsville,
Thanks so much for your love on the car situation. I am still trying to sort it all out and will keep you posted. Anyway I have a question for you that I spent hours and hours debating with various people and I would really like to get your opinion on it!
This is an imaginary scenario but could so easily be real.

A guy is in love with a girl and declares genuine love for her, but she rejects him over and over. For some reason she is then unable to to pay her fees and begs him to give her the money because there is NO ONE else she can go to that can afford it. He then tells her that he will only give her the money if she agrees to sleep with him. After she exhausts all other means, she agrees to do this as the last resort. So she sleeps with him, and he gives her the money.

Does he have the right to call her a whore/gold-digger/slag???

In my survey, 70% said yes because irrespective of the difficult situation, the bottomline is that she slept with him for money. While I respect this view, I think every situation always determines the tag you put on it.

Personally, I think he doesnt have the right because he has manipulated her into getting a part of her because he would not otherwise have gotten. This, to me, means he no longer has the right to call her names. For the fact that he was willing to offer her the money only under this condition, he looses the right to look down on her as a gold-digger.

This scenario goes back to my previous post. Although this is more complicated because feelings are involved, I believe that once you are doing something immoral, you do not have the right to call the other participant names, unless you are willing to admit your flaws too.
Majority of people seem to believe that since he has declared feelings for her and she has refused, the fact that she could accept money from him means she is a gold-digger/shallams.

Do you guys agree with me or go with the majority view??

Miss B


  1. I agree with the majority view hun..
    What is a whore? Somebody who sleeps with you for money..
    Very very simple definition..
    If u sleep with somebody for money u are a PROSTITUTE so yeah i agree with the majority

  2. Does the guy have feelings for her at all? Why would he ask her to sleep with him for money and turn back to call her names?

  3. Azazel, i think that is a very simplistic definition of it. even the law recognises that the punishment, in this case the label you give a crime, is determined by the dynamics of the situation. so if a man kills because someone was threatning his own life, he is not branded a murderer because the intention "mens rea" is just as important as the act.
    so in this case, even though her intention was to sleep with him for money, the motive for doing so has to be considered, and here the motive is necessity!

    Thanks omost t and myne, at least u guys get my drift!