Thursday 8 October 2009

The Car Incident

I AM IN DEEP SHIT! I bashed my friend's car into a wall last night while trying to park. Its a peugot 206 convertable and so the damage to the front was quite bad! I am so pissed off at myself because I knew I should NOTA have been driving a manual car as I have not driven one in over a year. Plus, I am terrible with tight spaces, and this has happened before. In Nigeria while trying to park my mum's car, I scratched it against iron rims, and had to get it resprayed out of my own pocket, but things in Nigeria are cheap so I could afford it without anyone finding out.

Here in the wonderful U.K on the other hand, I have to cough up £450!!!!!! Just to fix the front bumper and re-shape the dent!!! If it was in Naija I know it would not have been more than 10k.

Now the twist in the gist is that the guy does not have insurance!!! If you are not living in jand, let me tell you all that driving without insurance is a SERIOUS offence! To top it up, I do not have a full license, the guy was not qualified to be in the car with me, and we did not have a learner sign so if the accident had happened on the road or God forbid with someone else's car, my life would have been over!! That is bye-bye to me practising law because I would have a criminal record. GOD FORBID! I am just grateful that it was not the worst case scenario.

But at the same time, where or how will i cough up that kind of money??? Even strip clubs are not recruiting at the moment because their main clients(bankers and finance people) have been affected by the recession!! I am unemployed, broke, and can never tell my parents.

The most painful part is that I am pissed off at myself. Why the hell did I drive that car???Who sent me??

I am screwed!!
Miss B


  1. "Even strip clubs are not recruiting at the moment because their main clients(bankers and finance people) have been affected by the recession!!" Priceless!!!! abeg stop it o! lol


  2. hey ya, pele you hear? You may have to tighten your belt as they say and save up. Take care.

  3. Lwkmd @ who sent u..
    Am sorry hun, hopefully it works out o

  4. thanks guys, there is really fire on d mountain, i'll keep you guys posted!!

  5. Wow, you are in deep shit. I know how you feel cause i've had several car incidences myself but it wasn't that drastic because it was my family car and i live in Naija lol.

    I'm sure you'll find the money. Soon you'll look back and laugh so don't panic.

    Do you have any pick pocketing skills? If you don't you should start taking lessons

  6. strip clubs in glasgow are recruiting!!

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  8. Girl, I feel your pain! Daaanng, that's a lotta cash especially if you're broke! Wish I could help but I am jobless too:(

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