Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to make Homemade Chicken Salad

Hello blogworld,
I absolutely love salads, especially when they are fresh, cool and crisp. Its perfect for this Abuja heat. Vegetables are super cheap here and readily available, although the carrots are seasonal.

The problem though is that it doesn't keep for more than two days even with constant electricity. Making a home made salad is really a labour of love because it is very hard work. It'll probably take you about the same time to make Amala and Ewedu! Theres a lot of rinsing, chopping, grating and slicing and it takes time and effort. For this recipe, I use left over grilled chicken (recipe coming up) thats been left in the fridge to cool.

You will need-
Grilled Chicken- chopped
Carrots- grated
Cucumber- cut in rings or cubes
Lettuce- torn roughly
Sweet corn- optional

All the veggies should be rinsed thoroughly and drained to keep them crisp.

Under no circumstance should there be boiled egg in a salad, abeg!

Layer the lettuce as the base, then interchange between the cucumber and carrot, and top it off with the grilled chicken and sweet corn. Do not put any mayonnaise or sauces in the whole salad, instead apply to portions you serve. Keep it refrigerated at all times.

You can enjoy this on its own or as a side dish.

I hope you try it and as usual let me know what you think.

Miss B

P.s apologies for the pictures not being in order! Can't it figure out.


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