Saturday, 22 September 2012

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the title of this post says it all! I just got my results and I passed the bar finals! I've been sooooo excited since yesterday. The wait for the results is really another way NLS tortures you psychologically! I'm so happy because all my friends passed as well so its a celebration all round!

I'm so grateful to God for letting me to complete another milestone in my life! Things only seem far off when you haven't jumped in! I'm blessed for my mother who called me to pray for me before each exam and after each to ask how it went. She is truly the best thing in my life.

I am super thankful to all my friends that had to listen to me moan over and over about my exams especially Jen, Tobi and Odiba! I'm sorry to Dizzale for missing your birthday and to my baby Boboski for missing your graduation!
Thank you Jalarth for being my teacher. Oke, Yinka, Titi, Tonye and Kemi, all our midnight arguing sessions paid off!

Next stop is World Domination!

Ok lemme calm down, next stop is actually smelly NYSC camp but I'm in the spirit so allow me! I'm really not looking forward to another year of servitude like NLS but I guess I don't have a choice so I'm relaxing as much as possible before then!

Barrister Miss B (Esquire) to you all now please!


  1. :) Welcome to the bar, from a senior colleague :D

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  3. Congrats dear! Heard from Ogbe Bazuaye. Welcome to d bar.

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