Friday 6 July 2012

Sleeping in Law School

Hello blogworld,
For those that don't know, classes in law school can be the biggest bore you can ever experience. The classes are usually packed with about 1800 of us with just 20 fans between us. If you are not organised enough to get to class early, which I never was, you have to seat at the back seats which gives you zero visibility and hearing of what's going on. Those that seat at the back rows are called "backbenchers" and all sorts go on.
People talk, eat, listen to music, and watch movies. A guy in Lagos campus was even caught watching porn! However sleeping is the most common thing you find people doing. Here are the pictures I captured over the year of my learning colleagues!

Miss B


  1. Lol! Almost wee-ed on myself

  2. Oh my God, I know the guy in the second picture!!! You are so wicked!!! ^_^

  3. LMAO!!! Exposure!!!!

  4. oh boy! Student lawyers can sleep! lol. The third picture from down is too funny!
    Wait, I think one of them is you, bukky. lol

    - LDP

  5. Hi hun (famz though), I just recently discovered your blog and I stayed up all night reading the Northern Prince stories. I can't seem to find the finale b. I was wondering if it has been posted or if it's still a work in progress? You're an amazing writer by the way.

  6. this isnt funny at all o! Bwari can b annoyinly borin. Durin my set,guys playd winnin 11 in set at d house of lords.

  7. loooool the pictures are so hilarious.

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